1. L

    What do people think about the NNI / Linkgate

    The NNI have come out with some ludicrous stuff. The first I read about it was here McGarr Solicitors ? Dublin Solicitors Ireland | 2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web - McGarr Solicitors - Dublin Solicitors Ireland and they followed up here McGarr Solicitors ? Dublin...
  2. A

    sell items via a facebook page

    A friend of mine has set up a facebook page where they are advertising a calendar for charity. He asked me for advice as to how they could possible "sell" these calendars via facebook - looking for something like a buy now button on facebook and select quantity. Payment processing can be taken...
  3. P

    Which Traffic Figures to Quote?

    Hi, I run a website which is aimed at a niche market. I have some advertising space on offer (tie-in with a feature on the site) and a couple of businesses have approached me in relation to advertising. They are looking to know what traffic the site attracts. Just wondering what is the...
  4. mneylon

    Yahoo / Bing Launching Alternative to Adsense

    This could prove to be very interesting: An AdSense Threat from Bing-Yahoo - 'Net Features - Website Magazine
  5. V

    Getting affiliates to sign up

    I offer an affiliate program of 10% of all sales referred to my web hosting site based in Ireland. I am really struggling to get affiliate (and clients) to sign up that I am considering packing up shop. Whats the best way to get affiliates to sign up?
  6. Sandi Verdev

    How to promote my Wordpress plugin

    Hello everyone, few years ago I had some spare time on my hands and I have written Wordpress plugin Watermark RELOADED. Now I have taken things one step further and written successor called Watermark RELOADED Pro, witch has many more advanced features for watermarking images. I have tried to...
  7. 2dor

    .ie domain registering purpose

    Hi everyone, I've registered my first .ie domain name today, but some of the requested information is a little confusing. I got an email asking if the domain is for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I want it to be a kind of blog on a particular niche and if, at some point, it will have...
  8. K

    Article marketing: looking for your articles

    Hello there, for my new project I am looking for people who want to write a small article about their town or city. it doesn't matter if it is a big city or a small town. In the text you can include links to your site or affiliate links. I just added the Irish category also so you are more...
  9. V

    Facebook vs twitter

    Which one is better for advertising your business on?
  10. B

    What are your views on the new Facebook 'Promotion' Post?

    I personally have mixed views on this. On the one hand yes it's great that Facebook are giving page admin the opportunity to reach more of their fans but then on the other hand it's almost as if Facebook are pushing page admins to advertise with the promotion application. Also on that note, the...
  11. P

    Getting a new site to rank

    I have recently set up a new website and I am worried that I can't get ranked. has anyone any advice for me? It has been up there for two months and it's barely on the second page.
  12. S

    Shopping Cart Help + User Reviews << Post Here

    Hi, I have a small business client building an online shop as an addon to their offline store and ebay. The volume is not big, so I am not looking for something like Magento (nor does the client has the budget for it). So far I’ve been looking at several providers, both self and cloud...
  13. S

    looking for irish traffic source

    Hi all Anyone know any irish online advertising nextworks or places that have high amounts of irish sites I am looking to get traffic (prefer CPM) for 1 new website and one new political campaign It is more to raise awareness of the site than for direct sales Obviously I know google but looking...
  14. AdguardPR

    Affiliate program for Internet filter Adguard, 50% commissions

    We are pleased to announce that we've renewed our affiliate program Adguard! Right now we are ready to offer a Pay-Per-Sales partnership program with 50% commissions on sales. What do we offer? Adguard is well-known ad and popup blocking utility and it has over half million of paid subscribers...
  15. andywozhere

    anyone using

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has tried using and how they've found them?
  16. M

    Seo longer term implications

    Hi I have a 5 domains which I'm planning on developing over the next few months. They will all have a very basic website one page website in order to run google Adsense. If I plan on developing these more comprehensively in 12 to 18 months using Wordpress and removing the adsense how will...
  17. K

    Better Ranking

    Hi All, So my new site has been live approx 2 months now Carleton Village Self Catering Holiday Homes Cork, Carleton Youghal. The only thing left up my sleeve is to redirect our old site to the new which will bring the weight of the links with it. But I'm still not doing very well on rankings...
  18. overworked100

    Google says: Irish online pharmacies are BANNED from targeting the Irish market

    Hi guys, I'm a website manager for an Irish chain of pharmacies. I have just learned that Irish pharmacies are now BANNED from advertising online in Ireland on Google adwords. Has anybody any further information on this? This new policy applies to both Ireland and Poland. To be clear, the...
  19. C

    Where to go now

    Hello everyone I would just like a bit of information in regards to a website that I am running at the moment, it has around 34k Unique's since January and I really want to move things forward in relation to expanding and hopefully getting some good quality advertising on the site, the problem...
  20. J

    Offline Marketing - Delivering flyers

    Hi guys i run a small web design business have barely done much marketing other than SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and PPC. I have printed at over 1000 flyers which was pretty pricey and was thinking of attaching a cover letter outlining my services etc and posting at least 200-300 flyers...
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