1. J

    List of Irish Directories

    Hey guys i taught i'd help out with a list of irish directories where you can submit your website to. However they are not all free, some you will have to pay to list your website. Irish directory Ireland - Irish Information Guide Web Directory Irish Information, Forums, Free Classified Ads...
  2. G


    Well guys what do they say can't keep the entreprenurial spirit down? :) Anyway I am getting back in to an old hobby of mine (RC planes/helicopters) after a six year break. It's a good time to do it as I'm teaching my 12 year old how to fly. Because I've been happy with the performance of my...
  3. leftofcentre

    If users have opted out, is it ok to email them important service announcements?

    Hi chaps, I have a dilemma. On one of my sites I have the usual optin to receive the newsletter thing. But we have recently launched a new site and I need to email all the users to get them to confirm that they want to move their accounts to the new system. Now I understand the rules about...
  4. essjay

    News feeds for a Wordpress site

    Hello all.... I have a site that is targeting a certain trade, lets say the insurance trade. The site is doing quite well (I think), set up last summer and had around 15000 hits in January. It's mainly a news based website about the trade. There are some adverts but all content is provided free...
  5. mneylon

    Self Service SMS / Text Marketing Solutions?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for self-service SMS / text marketing solutions? Just wanted to investigate the costs etc., Obviously the solution has to work with all Irish networks and ideally would allow users to subscribe by sending an SMS from an Irish mobile I'm not interested in...
  6. D need some feedback please

    Hi everyone, This is the first site of this size I have built and designed from scratch (normally I would use an out of the box script and design the layouts myself). I have been working it for a while now and I feel its time to start getting some feedback on design and usability from the gurus...
  7. R

    Register365 bad service

    Hi all, I just joined up here to see if anyone else has bad expieriences from register365? I run community based forums for the last 10 years, recently i upgraded to the new vbulletin 5, over the last few months the site has become quite slow, some days it takes ages to load and times out...
  8. W

    Google Adwords campaign management, what is a reasonable price?

    Hi all, I'm working in an SME and we outsource our Adwords campaign management to a digital marketing company. We would like to keep using a company rather than a single person to do this for us as we don't want to be left stranded if this person decides to switch careers or leave the...
  9. N

    Website not appearing - maybe flash?

    Hi guys, I have worked some SEO on my own website but I seem to be hitting a wall. The site is Guesthouse Donegal - B&B Guesthouse Accommodation in Donegal - Restaurants Letterkenny It is about 4 months old now but even when i type some of the content into search engines, the website is...
  10. mneylon

    Google+ Pages?

    So I assume most people are aware that Google+ "pages" has launched .. Has anyone setup one for their business or anything else?
  11. trickobrien

    Follow me,follow you

    The internet is like a lot of things in life-Give most people a chance to follow and they will follow-people like to follow,whats cool,whats positive,whats strong,whats convenient... -i like to follow....:adoration:
  12. L

    Facebook pulls feed from brands who don't use paid advertising?

    Interesting post and issue from I'm not hugely familiar with advertising on Facebook but I am an admin about 12 different FB Fan Pages for different reasons. It seems that brands who don't use paid advertising now don't get published in Newsfeeds as much - potentially killing...
  13. W

    Website Hits

    Hi All , Could somebody let me know what they think of this website stats It is an ecommerce shop in ireland Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth Jan 2011 136 249 2,618 11,040 107.23 MB Feb 2011 250 404 12,372 36,058 551.12 MB Mar 2011 315 454 12,311 24,693...
  14. mneylon

    Advertising Plugin For Wordpress?

    What do people use / recommend for running ads in Wordpress? ie. 3rd party ads (not just adsense ) I know that OpenX plus some fiddling in the template would work, but it's overkill IMHO
  15. R

    for merchants - how to recruit affiliates

    I'm selling my information marketing business and "quitting" after 6+ years. No big drama reasons. No need to dig up conspiracy theories. I'm just changing gears. It's been fun but I'm moving onto other focuses... With that in mind, I've been sending some "closing out" emails to my in-house...
  16. P

    Google Versus Yahoo

    Why o why is it ten times easier to get page 1 ranking in the likes of bing and yahoo where the same site ranking no.1 on yahoo could be on page three of google... What are the most important factors out there to help increase your ranking with google.. i have good keywords, title's meta...
  17. S

    VPS or dedicated????

    Currently only have a VPS in Ireland for clients, which def cant hold anymore. Would I be better with a dedicated solutions for Ecommerce sites, or more VPS (1 per client - expensive)
  18. mneylon

    Marketing Via Google Plus

    Seemingly Google won't be offering any tools for businesses on Google Plus in the short term Discuss :)
  19. mneylon

    Blacknight Warn Consumers Against New gTLD Pre-Registration

    June 30, 2011 – Carlow Ireland –Blacknight ( warn domain registrants to beware of companies offering pre-registrations in New gTLDs. Last week in Singapore, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), announced that it would launch a program to include...
  20. trickobrien

    Where Do Irish Businesses Spend Their Online Advertising Budget

    Seems like its all Adwords,Facebook,Tradedoubler possibly CJ Isnt there a big enough market for an Irish affiliate website?
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