1. archiseek


    Anyone used this company Vibrant - The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising
  2. piardog

    Text Marketing Advice

    Hi All, Is there anybody here doing text marketing for businesses in Ireland? If so, can you recommend any reliable company that I could contact regarding setting up a few campaigns for one of my clients and any idea of the costs. Thank You Danny: :confused:
  3. A

    No matter what I do to my budget I can't get my ad to appear why?

    I have tried ever combination in my ad setting and budget to try and get my advert to appear. I'm tearing my hair out because I just can't understand where I'm going wrong. I've used Google ad words last year to run an advert campaign and it worked perfectly for me. This is the actual text...
  4. S

    Site Review -

    Hi, first post on here. Ive had the site running now for 3 months and its done well. Looking to make it as user friendly as possible. Buildt using Dreamweaver, and a little of my own code knowledge. Image slideshow on opening page is terrible, but dont know how to make a basic one...
  5. B Robbers

    I recently meet with an advertising rep from - I was looking to run an ad in there online additional of goldenpages for my painting website. I was basically just looking for a link. anyway....They were charging €2200 ex vat! The ad was alright - Somtn similar to a google places...
  6. B

    Cross AdMedia Network looking for website publishers

    Cross AdMedia is online advertising company in Hong Kong, and currently looking for the various publisher sites. We work with CPM, CPC and CPA, the sum of the performance of these three types of campaigns. If you are a publisher and looking to generate meaningful income, Cross AdMedia is able...
  7. S

    Is Register365 reseller hosting actually any good?

    Hi, Im looking into the world of reseller hosting for the first time. As Im getting more busy now as a web develpoer/designer, it is now viable for me to set up reseller hosting and make some money through that. From the research I have done, it is clear that Register365 is the cheapest for...
  8. B

    Dragon's Den Ireland facebook Page

    I just thought I'd put this out there. I'm not impressed with the Dragon's Den FB Page at all really. Here's a couple of reasons why... 1) The Page is going about 2 weeks (I think) & they only have 330 fans. Com'n now, I'd imagine a TV show such as that would have a Facebook advertising budget...
  9. mneylon

    Microsoft Advertising To Change Trademark Policy

    Microsoft's advertising network sent this out earlier this evening: We are writing to alert you to some pending changes to the trademark policy within the Microsoft Advertising adCenter Intellectual Property Guidelines. Starting March 3, 2011, adCenter will no longer review trademark keyword...
  10. T

    Facebook ads, any tips?

    Just trying out facebook ads for the first time. Any tips or advice? In particular using cpc or cpm?
  11. M

    Duplicate Content Issue

    Hi there, I started doing some advertising for a business that have two websites operating in different regions but sell the same products and the websites are prity much replicas of each other. I don't want Google punishing them for duplicate content so what is the best way to deal with...
  12. T

    New affiliate site

    Hi guys, I've been working on this site for quite some time now and I believe it is ready to be used. I am aware that there are a few areas where it can be improved but with such a big project I have to set priorities. One of the biggest problems is poor quality if feeds provided making the...
  13. D

    Looking for a Company for online marketing?

    Hi all, I've recently launched a new website called Treasured Memorial Cards, Memorial Cards, Memoriam Cards and Funeral Thank You Cards. I'm looking for a marketing company to help to grow the site online in both UK and Ireland through increased google rankings, link building, article...
  14. unrealindeed CMS?

    Hi All, happy New Year I have reviewing the new Irish men’s website, it seems to have a lot of really cool features, with lots of interactivity between authors & visitors, and I am wondering what CMS it is built on. It reminds me of the bbc radio one website and today fm, does anyone...
  15. B

    Online Marketing - Good Books to Read?

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendation for Online Marketing Books? (Fairly New). That cover topics such as: SEO Online Marketing Online Advertising Practices Thanks,
  16. B

    the importance of .com or .ie, when entering other markets?

    Hi, I'm pondering the questions - I have a video that will be going viral soon & I estimate that the largest viewers of this video will be in the Sates then Ireland. Should I have my webiste as a .com or .ie? It's an Irish based company but will attract lots of americans. Also, do you think...
  17. mneylon

    Do you still do print advertising?

    Do you still do print advertising?
  18. mneylon

    Offline Advertising / Marketing

    Since it comes up as a topic of discussion both here and elsewhere I've created an "offline" section:
  19. N

    Vps hosting for wordpress site?

    Hi All I plan on setting up a site soon and would like to get vps hosting with blacknight but i was wondering can i install wordpress from the back end, simple scrips(or can you get cpanel) I plan on getting the VPS Basic package and need to know if this could handle the traffic to the site...
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