affiliate program

  1. mneylon

    What's the most you pay per click?

    Using adwords, what's the most you have or would pay per click?
  2. A

    How to sell a website?

    Hi folks. I enjoy building sites in my spare time and actually have a couple that I feel are real gems. I had a thought though... maybe it would be better for me to build the site, put it up for sale, and move onto the next idea. The sad fact is, of 100 sites built, perhaps 1 will be really...
  3. A

    Search Engine Optimization Book

    I am looking for a recommendation on a good search engine optimization book?
  4. mneylon


    Has anybody tried their affiliate program? If you have, what are the linking options like? What about payouts etc?
  5. mneylon

    How to promote an affiliate program?

    Have any of you any experience in promoting affiliate programs? ie. your own ones not those of 3rd parties
  6. L affiliates

    Would you be interested to make €5.00 for every private sales (cars) added to this website? Car Sales Dublin Ireland | Car Audio, Car Sales @ | We are thinking of adding an affiliate program to the car sales section.
  7. M

    Hosting a .net In Ireland

    Hi I'm hosting a .net shopping site in Ireland and have a reasonable rank of 4, my problem is that I have good placings on and but nothing at all on Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve the sites ranking on Many thanks
  8. Cormac

    VBulletin SEO

    I'm looking into optimizing my forum at the moment and i have come across some interesting mods/hacks. VBSEO seem to be the main force in SEO circles however they charge for their technology. $149 to be exact, which seems rather expensive, especially when you consider that is there are a tonne...
  9. mneylon

    Pay Per Click - Useful Resources

    If anyone can recommend some resources I'll start a sticky list
  10. L

    Affiliate Program

    Starting from today we are offering an affiliate programs for Ireland. Hope it work well for both (me and the customer). Still having issues uploading banner images so bare this in mind.
  11. mneylon

    Running an Affiliate Program

    Has anyone had any experience actually running an affiliate program as opposed to be an affiliate?
  12. mneylon

    Blatant Self-Promotion Welcome!

    Have you launched a new site or revamped an existing one? Feel free to post about it here. You can sing your own praises or ask for constructive feedback. Let the games begin!
  13. mneylon

    The best affiliate program?

    Which company offers the best affiliate program? I'll start the ball rolling :) Amazon's affiliate program is one of the oldest and is probably the best. You can find a wide variety of scripts and plugins for your website to help make the most from the program and maximise your earnings.
  14. mneylon

    Links - Irish Affiliate Programs

    Irish Companies Offering Affiliate Programs If you know of any Irish companies / websites offering affiliate programs please let us know.
  15. mneylon

    Welcome - Introduce yourself

    Why not introduce yourself?
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