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  1. T

    How profitable to sell ads on the site?

    I always have trouble finding advertisers to sell ads space on my site. Rather I can find advertisers, but it takes a very long time. Are there any ads networks, affiliate programs, or something else? That can simplify the task for webmasters? If anyone has specific advices, I'll be very...
  2. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 Money - Affiliate Campaign Launch

    Dear Publishers, The life and times of any start up is a constant battle to ensure you succeed and I am delighted to announce that we are now another big step closer to achieving this success with the launch of another brand new client, O2 Money. We have a long working relationship with O2...
  3. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 Online - €75 off iPhone 5C 32GB Sale

    Dear Publishers, O2 are back with a special Easter iPhone 5C sale, this time offering an amazing €75 off. The iPhone 5C has been in huge demand since it’s launch and we are expecting that to increase with this hugely discounted sale. This offer applies to all range of colours available. The...
  4. S

    Simpl Performance - Carlton Hotels - Mid-Week Offer - Shearwater Hotel & Spa 18.02.14

    Publishers, Carlton Hotels are keeping up their habit of releasing a new offer every week, this time with a very interesting Mid-week offer for one of its flagship hotels – Carlton Shearwater Hotel & Spa. We know that getting away Mid-week is never easy but Carlton Hotels have done their part...
  5. S

    Simpl Performance - Free Prize Draws - New Competitions (Win Garth Brooks Tickets)

    Publishers, It has been a while since Free Prize Draws have announced new competitions but now they are back with 5 brand new competitions all of which are sure to be a hit. Especially the competition to win yourself tickets to the Garth Brooks Concert in Croke Park. I'm not sure if you are...
  6. S

    Simpl Performance - Carlton Hotels - Mid Term Offer - Explore Dublin 10.02.2014

    Publishers, Hot on the heals of their great Valentines day Offer, Carlton Hotels now have a deal to cater for the whole of the family. Carlton have updated their Mini Explorers offer in the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown. With the mid term break coming up Mon 17th – Fri 21st February why not...
  7. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 - Valentine's Day package

    Dear Publishers, O2 are back with an amazing promotion this time offering the chance to win a trip to Paris through Samsung. This promotion starts today 4th February and runs right up to Valentines Day – February 15th. This is yet another online exclusive so will not be readily available to...
  8. V

    Getting affiliates to sign up

    I offer an affiliate program of 10% of all sales referred to my web hosting site based in Ireland. I am really struggling to get affiliate (and clients) to sign up that I am considering packing up shop. Whats the best way to get affiliates to sign up?
  9. mneylon

    Alternatives To Amazon For Books?

    Which affiliate programs are good alternatives to Amazon for books? Bearing in mind that the sites' traffic would be mainly Irish / European
  10. P

    Making Money Online ??

    Hello Everybody, I have been following several of the big bloggers in America who make money online from niche sites through Google Adsense, affiliate programs etc etc. But I never really hear them talking about the business side of the work like setting up a company, paying tax / vat etc etc...
  11. kickapooh

    ** My YouTube Affiliate Marketing Method **

    First I forward a simple, easy-to-remember domain name to an online dating site (my affiliate link). Next I hire pretty girls off of Fiver to make (PG-rated) webcam videos. I ask them to wear something sëxy and to just talk about anything in their video. It doesn't matter what they talk about...
  12. T

    Online Dating Summit 2012, Barcelona - Free for Affiliates

    From 2-5 March 2012, Barcelona will be the proud host of Europe’s first International Online Dating Summit. The online dating and social networking industry is one of the worlds' largest virtual economies. With hundreds of millions of users the industry has become an undeniable economic...
  13. S

    Hello World...!

    Hi I am new and joined cause I see loads of talk about affiliate programs and the like on the forum. Well, I recently joined a new betting exchange program and it converts very well and fast. It is a bit of a niche market, but very popular and easy to promote in Ireland and the UK, it is also...
  14. I

    For our new Site IRL.COM (Ireland based platfrom) we search for affiliates

    Hello people, We are an internetagency that has in our portfolio. The plans are now to make a ireland based portal, so travel, B&B, flights, info about citys etc etc.. We see that there is a lot of material to choose from. Unfortunately we have only experience with .nl affiliate...
  15. Clicksor_CS

    Clicksor Accepts French and Spanish Content Sites In Publisher Network

    More good news for Webmasters. Clicksor is now accepting French and Spanish sites on top of German, Chinese, and English sites for our Publisher network. For those of you that want to earn more money, get your ad code and place them on your sites right away. To start adding ad code, let sign up...
  16. S

    Making money in from Adsense

    I havent really heard of any of my contacts making any real earnings from adsense from their Irish domains. Is anyone here doing better? Does anyone here have a strategy they could forward :) haha as I am always open to new ideas on how to make a quick € in recession times. Thanks in advance...
  17. Clicksor_CS

    Clicksor accepts the publishers who have German and Chinese content sites

    Good news! Clicksor currently are accepting German and Chinese ad campaigns from our advertisers. This means more chances than ever to earn more money if you have any German and Chinese content sites. Take this opportunity immediately to sign up with Clicksor, and start earning right away...
  18. P

    affiliate program for my website, help please.

    hi everyone im paul reilly. i own an Irish website business , based in Dublin ireland i need some help and advise. with affiliate programs. i have my own website business, selling a range of products.and i offer free delivery to the dublin area plus celbridge,manooth and lexslip. my website...
  19. R

    Irish Affiliate Programs

    Hi, Just wondering about Irish related affiliate programs. I am considering setting up a few websites in a niche area but my market would be very much Irish orientated, so if possible I would like any affiliate links I might put on it be for Irish companies (sports/leisure area). I have no...
  20. Francis Donnelly

    Affiliate Programs

    Is it possible to make a living from affilite programs, like Amazon, Commision Junction, Clickbank etc?
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