1. martha

    Your approach to affiliate marketing

    I'm not sure if I can add this link here (and hope I'm not breaking any rules) but I stumbled across the following podcast / website and I found it just brilliant. It's one of those "of course!!!!" situations. SPI 041 : Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way – How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning...
  2. umx

    Highly converting mp3 affiliate program

    13% CR, 56,4% CR to Sale, 0.36 EPC This stats is from Mp3Caprice affiliate program for September 2012. Average order $23-$25, plus every second rebills. If interested PM me for invite. Hint: Search traffic, eg Adwords
  3. V

    Getting affiliates to sign up

    I offer an affiliate program of 10% of all sales referred to my web hosting site based in Ireland. I am really struggling to get affiliate (and clients) to sign up that I am considering packing up shop. Whats the best way to get affiliates to sign up?
  4. P

    Payza , any experience ?

    One of the affiliate companies I work with want to pay via (formally Alert Pay) and I've some questions : Has anyone experience with them ? Do you know of any places that accept them for payments ? How easy is it to take money out ? It seems like the charge €3 for...
  5. N

    Earn Great Commissions With Nova Car Hire!

    Hi there fellow Marketeers! Want to earn commissions right now? This week, Nova car hire has just launched its new and rewarding Affiliate programme! For the first month all our new Affiliates are getting 50% commissions! Nova has a strong and respected brand name in cheap car hire...
  6. S

    Affiliate Marketing VAT

    Hi all, I am new here. I am just wondering does anyone know if affiliate marketing payments from foreign countries are subject to VAT?
  7. 2dor

    .ie domain registering purpose

    Hi everyone, I've registered my first .ie domain name today, but some of the requested information is a little confusing. I got an email asking if the domain is for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I want it to be a kind of blog on a particular niche and if, at some point, it will have...
  8. mneylon

    Alternatives To Amazon For Books?

    Which affiliate programs are good alternatives to Amazon for books? Bearing in mind that the sites' traffic would be mainly Irish / European
  9. mutantspace

    Is there any publishers banner ad sites in Ireland

    I have an arts blog on my site which is gaining unique users and impressions fast and was wondering if ireland has the equivalent of or Nectar Ads Id like to start quite soon and would prefer to have a 3rd party looking after the ads and getting a cut than spending my time...
  10. C - new owner

    Hi. has been sold and is now being run by Zatori. The site will not be affiliate marketing in the same way as it was. Thanks.
  11. K

    Article marketing: looking for your articles

    Hello there, for my new project I am looking for people who want to write a small article about their town or city. it doesn't matter if it is a big city or a small town. In the text you can include links to your site or affiliate links. I just added the Irish category also so you are more...
  12. mneylon

    Contact Details for Amazon's Affiliate Program?

    Does anyone have a contact email address for Amazon's affiliate program? I can't find one on their site and they've just sent me a breach / termination notice from an email address that doesn't take replies :(
  13. S

    the 50 most useful websites for affiliate marketers

    the 50 most useful websites for affiliate marketers you’re not alone in the world of affiliate marketing. education is the key to staying relevant, making great business decisions, and finding new opportunities. open your mind and explore what’s out there with our list of the fifty most...
  14. K

    Articles for affiliate links

    Dears, I would like to present you my new project: Home On the site I want to gather as much as possible articles from european towns/cities. Of course the people who live in a certain city are the experts so I was thinking about the following formula: You write a small article about your...
  15. AdguardPR

    Affiliate program for Internet filter Adguard, 50% commissions

    We are pleased to announce that we've renewed our affiliate program Adguard! Right now we are ready to offer a Pay-Per-Sales partnership program with 50% commissions on sales. What do we offer? Adguard is well-known ad and popup blocking utility and it has over half million of paid subscribers...
  16. J

    I need professional help! more ways then one! Our website has taken a nailing recently from google with the new algorithm. We used to feature loads on page one for heaps of keywords, but now hardly make page 4. Is anyone interested in looking into our problem and helping restore us to former glory? Or site...
  17. S

    Amazon wordpress plugin

    I heard that there is a plugin that can place an amazon item into a persons cart when they click on your associiates link and are linked to amazon. I was unable to figure out how to do this, does anybody know how?
  18. C

    Where to go now

    Hello everyone I would just like a bit of information in regards to a website that I am running at the moment, it has around 34k Unique's since January and I really want to move things forward in relation to expanding and hopefully getting some good quality advertising on the site, the problem...
  19. T

    Butlers Bingo- Affiliate Programme

    Hey Folks, My name is Simon and I am the affiliate programme for a relatively new Bingo site Play Online Bingo | Casino Games. We primarily advertise in the UK and are looking to increase the exposure in Ireland. It could be a great opportunity for those with gaming traffic or those with a...
  20. H

    New Program! HungryHouse - Nice Welcome Promo!

    HungryHouse the easy way to find and order a takeaway delivery in the UK! The launch of our new Affiliate Program available on Affiliate Window offers you a commission level of an industry leading promotional rate of 7.5% per sale! for the first three months, Our standard tier of commission...
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