1. Amasty

    Magento Gift Card extension by Amasty

    Magento Gift Card lets customers purchase gift cards and send them to friends via post office or email. Easily keep track of all purchased certificates and enable visitors to customize gift cards according to their needs. Create gift cards of various types Send cards via email or post...
  2. Amasty

    Archive and delete orders in Magento!

    This Order Archive Magento extension by Amasty will help you to automatically archive orders or delete them to keep your order grid clean and save time on store management activities. Use flexible settings to customize archive process according to your needs. the extension will enable you...
  3. Amasty

    Magento Gift Registry extension to increase sales

    With this Gift Registry extension by Amasty you will let customers easily create gift registry lists and share them with friends to get the presents they really want. Enhance customer experience and increase your sales. Create and manage gift registries Customize gift registry page Share...
  4. Amasty

    Magento Store Locator by Amasty!

    Amasty released a new extension! Magento Store Locator will help your customers easily find the nearest offline store to purchase your products. Use Google map to display store locations with exact address to make the shopping process as easy as it can be. Quickly import GEO IP data...
  5. Amasty

    FREE Magento spam check tool from Amasty!

    The truth is that you don’t want any of your e-mails drop into the spam folder. It is very important that e-mails, especially transactional ones, appear in the inbox, otherwise in may lead to customer’s confusion. So today Amasty team gives you an opportunity to get a SPAM report on your...
  6. Amasty

    Get a 50% discount on Magento extensions you choose!

    Amasty has many gifts for its valuable customers. We offer a 50% discount for extensions you choose yourself! Just vote here and wait for the results!
  7. Amasty

    Automatically calculate shipping in Magento with FREE extension by Amasty

    Use FREE Auto Shipping Magento extension to set the default shipping method and shipping address to display them right on the shopping cart page. Let customers immediately see the final price including shipping expenses. Automatically display default shipping methods Set default...
  8. Amasty

    Generate HTML Sitemap in Magento quickly!

    Check out a new way to generate an HTML sitemap for your Magento store! Improve usability for customers and make Google love your site. Links to categories, products, landing pages and CMS-pages Add any additional links to site map Flexible configuration of the site map design Ability to...
  9. Amasty

    Magento Gift Wrap extension by Amasty

    This Gift Wrap extension will help you boost holiday sales by offering your customers to wrap their gifts and deliver them with greeting cards. - Gift wrap service on shopping cart and checkout pages - Ability to show the catalog of wrapping on pop-up window - Items can be wrapped together or...
  10. Amasty

    Add Flipping Book and videos to product pages in Magento

    Magento HTML5 Flipping Book will help you present products in a new way by adding flipping magazine-like galleries. Add images, text, sounds, videos and attach PDFs to create rich-content books. The extension features include: Display a book as a thumbnail or link Create your own page...
  11. Amasty

    Magento Survey Extension

    With new Magento Survey extension by Amasty you can launch numerous surveys on your site to thoroughly study customer demand and adjust your offer to the needs of the up-to-date market. You can choose from various types of questions and survey layouts.
  12. Amasty

    Magento Facebook Like to Download extension

    Magento Facebook Like to Download extension will help you create quickly growing community in Facebook. Allow customers get your products and services with Facebook likes. Open a huge channel for the stream of potential clients. Build up multiple social links Promote products in social...
  13. Amasty

    Magento Hide Price extension

    Magento Hide Price extension by Amasty will let you hide product prices and "Add to art" button from guests or certain customer groups according to your business needs. Customize messages and buttons and personalize shopping experience in your Magento store Hide product price Disable...
  14. Amasty

    Magento Inventory Management extension

    Amasty released a new Magento Inventory Management extension that will save lots of your time on updating product stock quantity! We will help you automate this process to save time for more important business tasks. Change item stock statuses in bulk Update stock quantity using CSV...
  15. Amasty

    Magento and SugarCRM synchronization

    Amasty released a new extension - Magento SugarCRM Bridge that will help you ptimize your business processes through Magento and SugarCRM synchronization. The extension features include: Synchronization process with no cron job Export online buyers and orders to SugarCRM Easily configure...
  16. Amasty

    Protect your Magento store with Cloud Backup

    Magento Cloud Backup extension by Amasty will effectively protect your site from any data loss. Use flexible settings to automatically copy and store the whole database or particular files on a separate server with easy and prompt access. Cloud Backup extension by Amasty will let you: Make...
  17. Amasty

    Get Call for Price extension for Magento!

    Amasty released a new module - Magento Call for Price. It will let you: Replace product prices with custom messages Select customers to hide product prices from Select pages where prices won’t be displayed Hide product prices for particular products Encourage customers to call for pricing...
  18. Amasty

    Download Magento Promotions Manager FREE!

    Amasty is happy to make your summer brighter! We've recently made our Promotions Manager extension completely free, lifetime! The extension adds 3 additional columns to the grid: Action (the type of discount action, e.g. fixed amount discount); Discount (discount amount); Stop (whether...
  19. Amasty

    Magento Product Reviews extension by Amasty: no duplicate content anymore!

    Amasty is happy to announce that Product Reviews Magento extension has bee released! Display customer reviews right on product page and avoid content duplication. You can visit the extension page to find out more.
  20. Amasty

    Google Rich Snippets for Magento

    Amasty is happy to announce that Google Rich Snippets Magento extension has bee released! It's here to help your products stand out in the SERPs. Use easily adjustable rich snippets for highlighting any site information you need. Significantly increase your visibility and draw highly targeted...
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