1. mneylon

    Personal Budget Software OSX?

    I used to be a big fan of Home | You Need a Budget but they went "cloud only" which kind of annoyed me. In the last few weeks I've been using Home - MoneyWiz - Personal Finance which has some handy features, including proper multi-currency support. You can also automatically import transactions...
  2. V

    Valuable Online Shopping Tips for Buying Inexpensive Apparel

    Getting economical clothing allows purchasers to simply create a substantial closet. Wise shoppers will get lots of high end clothes, authentic, good, and the footwear to complement by just knowing where to look. Looking good doesn't need to be considered a luxury. Why Shop at These High-Priced...
  3. T

    How to index fast backlink

    How to ping backlinks or is it necessary to ping backlinks after creating them? thanks for answer!
  4. W

    Website for Cake Creator

    Hi Guys, I launched my new website last Thursday (September 12th) - Cupcakes by Ciara ? Wicklow Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Pops. Would love your feedback. Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    Competitor analysis

    Recently, an adwords campaign I have running started to decrease in performance, due mainly I believe to the arrival on the scene of a new company, who are always occupying top spot for certain keywords. Thing is, when we try increasing the bid and the budget we still can't get #1, even when the...
  6. L

    Website designer needed: five pages,

    Hi All, I work for a brand new company that needs a website, we would like a wordpress based, simple five page layout, we have a domain and wouldn't require hosting/maintenance. Needless to say, we are on a budget but we're not going to pay peanuts either! Please PM me if you are interested in...
  7. mneylon

    Free / Cheap Press Release Disributiion Services?

    Can anyone suggest / recommend any free (or cheap) press release distribution services? Press Release Services - News Release Distribution Services - PRWeb is fine, but you need a budget over a certain size to use them (we use them internally) I would have gone with Free Press Release...
  8. andywozhere

    Number 1 on Google

    I got a good laugh from this job posting on Odesk: Budget: $50
  9. L

    New Irish Online Retail Site - Love Irish Crafts

    Hi, I've just started a new business which sells Irish made gifts and crafts. All products are wholly made in Ireland from start to finish and I believe Irish craftmanship is the best in the world. My budget for website was very small so I bought an off shelf package (which by its nature is...
  10. D

    Low cost dedicated servers in Europe (preferably Ireland)?

    Hello everyone, It's my first post on the forum, so first off; hello my names Dave, I'm a business student who develops webapps as a hobby. I'll be launching a B2B webapp soon and I'm looking for a reliable dedicated server provider in Europe (preferably Ireland). So far I've found OVH.ie and...
  11. A

    Help needed with backlinks

    Hi all, I'm a total newcomer to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have my online website up and running for over a year and I now understand how important it is to have the seo's and backlinks to my site. As my budget is limited I have opted to try and take on this task myself...
  12. D

    Looking for established websites for sale

    Looking for established websites for sale, with at least $100/month in revenue. budget up to $xx,xxx Please pm details, or email me through this form. Be sure to include the details: url, revenue and price. thanks for reading!
  13. W

    Complete Noob..need help!

    Folk, I signed up with register365 and started my own ecommerce site about 7 weeks ago, since then the business has grown. I have had numerous problems in that time with people not being able to register and the site going down. This has obviously not helped the business and I am looking to jazz...
  14. S

    Shopping Cart Help + User Reviews << Post Here

    Hi, I have a small business client building an online shop as an addon to their offline store and ebay. The volume is not big, so I am not looking for something like Magento (nor does the client has the budget for it). So far I’ve been looking at several providers, both self and cloud...
  15. K

    Can anyone recommend a good internet marketing course?

    Hi I'm looking to sign up for a good internet marketing course that covers things like seo adwords / adsense social media email mrketing, etc Have any of you taken a course you would recommend? I wouldn't mind an online / distance learning course either. Thanks.
  16. B

    Not sure if I need a domain name yet

    Hi - I am currenlty developing a new site for a non-profit organisation, it's based on Wordpress for content management. Their existing site is static and way out of date. I'd like to publish interim versions of the new site on the Internet so they can review it online and also allow them to...
  17. M

    Wanted Developer for Small Project - single site

    Hello everyone, I am looking to develop a small site from scratch that I have. I'll put here my notes on what I'm looking for. My budget isn't large but I realise also that if you want something done correctly then you have to pay for quality. I have tried elance before for different projects...
  18. M

    How do you stop a client taking advantage?

    I'm working on this website for a client, it's finished as far as I'm concerned. I knew the person before this and am friends with her sons. Problem is I have already over delivered on the job, but she is still demanding more. I can't really want to ask for more money as I don't want to...
  19. S

    Help finding shared hosting with MySql 5.3

    Hi all, I'm installing a few Moodle 2.2 sites for schools (so low budget etc.). Moodle 2.2 needs MySql 5.3 at least and installing any older version is counter-productive. However, I've tried 3 popular hosters (no names in fairness) for Shared Linux hosting, but they only have MySql 5.2.17...
  20. J

    [Full-time] Assistant Manager Job in Beauty Salon at Carter Beauty

    Location: Co. Dublin URL: http://www.carterbeauty.ie Description: Assistant Salon Manager Required. Job Description: The candidate will work well as part of a team, be flexible, responsible, have ambition and the ability to work on their own initiative. We are looking for someone who has a...
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