1. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 Money - Affiliate Campaign Launch

    Dear Publishers, The life and times of any start up is a constant battle to ensure you succeed and I am delighted to announce that we are now another big step closer to achieving this success with the launch of another brand new client, O2 Money. We have a long working relationship with O2...
  2. G

    Go Simcard

    With the GO-SIM International SIM card,you can save up to 85% when calling from overseas in 185 countries with roaming rates starting as low and 3g service.You also get FREE incoming calls in over 70 countries, and as your global SIM card is a pay as you go, there's no monthly bill and great...
  3. C

    Google + business page verification

    Hi, I am having trouble with regards to verifying my google+ page/google business listings. I did provide a phone number to be used for verification but the only verification option available for my listing is via postcard, that according to them would arrive in my mailbox within 2 weeks. I...
  4. J

    For Sale Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB at $410usd. mail:

    Want To Sell: Apple iPhone / Samsung Galaxy / iPad / HTC / Blackberry / PS 4.. e.t.c with Discount. Buy 2 phones and get 1 phone free / Buy 1 phone and get 1 Samsung Galaxy Gear Free Interested buyer should mail us direct for inquiry at: Skype: john.anders01 Email...
  5. P

    Want to start using Google Adwords ?

    I have some vouchers that I'd like to share with people, and to help them get started with AdWords. All I ask in return is that you share your experience with me and my blog. These vouchers have some restrictions from Google only new accounts (new credit card required) only valid for Irish...
  6. P

    Card Fraud, how to fight it!

    Our e-commerce have been targeted by fraudsters over the last few years, but since 3D secure has been become more common, fraud attempts have really fallen. But in the last month we have had a few fraud attempts, now they are ordering over the phone (by passing 3d secure) We have tried...
  7. F

    O2 IE Programme - CPA Increase and Christmas Offers

    Xmas Offer on O2 Ireland O2 IE is able to offer double CPAs until the 10th December on the following events: Speakeasy (Top Up) FTC: 20€ Speakeasy Upgrade: 20€ Free SIM: 2€ This offer is a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your commissions on the O2 IE programme as the brand...
  8. mneylon

    Twitter Card Oddity

    I'm not sure what's going on with this .. I'm trying to get "twitter cards" enabled for a couple of sites, but the preview tool is throwing odd errors. Testing with a URL on a site that is enabled (and working ) is fine:
  9. bejo

    Shopping Cart for courses

    Hi all, My first post so hello! I have one or two websites that I use to advertise or promote my own business. One is which gives information on courses in outdoors. These range in prices from 10 euros to a few hundred euros. I would like to offer a facility where people can book...
  10. mneylon

    Yahoo / Bing Launching Alternative to Adsense

    This could prove to be very interesting: An AdSense Threat from Bing-Yahoo - 'Net Features - Website Magazine
  11. M

    2 websites one Facebook page

    Hi I'm in the process of setting up a new website and was looking to add a Facebook like box plugin. I have another website on the same theme with the plugin. I was planning on using the same plug in and Facebook page for the second page as they are both very similar. Has anyone did this...
  12. J

    I need professional help! more ways then one! Our website has taken a nailing recently from google with the new algorithm. We used to feature loads on page one for heaps of keywords, but now hardly make page 4. Is anyone interested in looking into our problem and helping restore us to former glory? Or site...
  13. mneylon

    IEDR's New Promotional Graphics

    IEDR released these earlier today: New IE Domain Promotional Graphics - What Do You Think? - Blacknight Blog
  14. M

    PayPal Here, There, Anywhere

    Is anyone planning to use PayPal Here when it's released, for their business? Also, what do you think about it? Quote : Video - "PayPal Here: How It Works" : Official site link:
  15. spagettilegs

    White Hat v Blackhat SEO

    just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO? Seems to me that any link thats not completely natural is blackhat?
  16. A

    my site has gone from page 2 to no where in a week!

    Hi my site was appearing on page 2 or 3 for related searches words, which I was delighted about! I decided to do some work on my SEO to see if I could improve this further. I took a course on SEO and implemented advice given. I worked on my sitemap and on my SEO settings and I left maybe 10...
  17. P

    Laser Card/ Non 3d secure Fraud

    We have had a few chargebacks or dodgy order which we have cancel for fear of fraud, and I was just wondering what other E-commerce site in Ireland do to protect against fraud (bar 3d secure), and do you report every attempt to the police? We had a chargeback about 9 months ago (lucky we were...
  18. J

    New domain and site or Old Site for enhanced web directory?

    I've an idea for an Irish web directory but I am not sure yet if I should use a category killer domain name for the site (does exactly what it says on the tin) or an existing site (12 years old) with web directory section. The existing site has PR but the new domain name is an exact match for...
  19. O

    Hosting Company Issues.

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice. During my college days I was asked to set up a couple of websites for various people. Recently one of these people "Ted" approached me with an issue with his site. He had lost access to his domains and the associated hosting. He had entered into an...
  20. mneylon

    PCI Court Case

    Rare Legal Fight Takes On Credit Card Company Security Standards and Fines | Threat Level |
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