1. A

    New website effort and cost

    I have what i think is a good idea for a new website - I have the domain and hosting arranged - what i don't have is the site which i need to set up from scratch and i also don't have any previous experience in setting up a commercial web site (although I do have 10yrs in a technical field and...
  2. K

    Light Quick ECommerce Solution

    Hi All Looking for a light ecommerce solution for a client who literally wants to sell 3 items online. What is the best way to go with him? And for payment processing should I point him to Realex as his customers will be Irish and will want to use Laser? All help appreciated... Kieran
  3. L

    All my websites Hacked

    I have about 5 websites across various platforms with Hosting 365 and all have been hacked today!!,:mad: first I thought it was just one but now I see its all of them. I've sent support tickets to 365 but haven't received a reply yet so will ring them first thing in the morning. Will it be...
  4. WhitePhantom

    Someone's using my image - what do I do?

    Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the right place - apologies if I'm not. I've just found one of my images, a photo I took myself, on someone else's website. There's no copyright notice on my own website - does that matter? What should I do? Just email the other site and ask them to remove the...
  5. A

    Ethernet connection to Desktop

    My Desktop does not have an Ethernet Card. I don't want to install LAN CARD. The Broadband Modem has an Ethernet Port. How can I connect to the internet without installing Ethernet Card. Is there method to use the USB Port in my Desktop for the internet connection.
  6. EggDesign

    Calling Wordpress geniuses!

    Hi Guys I have a good grounding in using wordpress as a cms but have just met a client who wants the following and I havent a clue where to begin. Im not sure if its even possible in wordpress: Basically the site is for a loyalty card where special offers are given by businesses...
  7. D

    Payment Gateway/Processor - No Merchant accout

    Need a payment gateway/processor for basic online payments that accepts laser and doesn't require a merchant account. Any suggestions?
  8. G

    Adwords billing / VAT for business accounts?

    First, let me introduce myself as this is my first post here.So hello all, Im gladkacipka, not irish but living in Ireland for the last few years. Im doing some seo stuff, and just recently started playing with paid traffic(ppc google, yahoo etc.) My adwords account is linked to my irish cc...
  9. G

    Best Ways to Sell A Coaching Service?

    Hello everyone.. I have a client who wish to sell her coaching service and we really are having some difficulty on doing so.. We already tried creating some groups but it seems that such strategy doesn't work.. We also did some link building but I think that is not what she is looking for...
  10. EggDesign

    Ecommerce newbie needs help!

    Hi guys Im meeting a potential client about a fairly big ecommerce site selling clothes online. He says he may want me to maintain & update the site and get a percentage of sales etc. I said Id meet him next week but to be honest Ive never done an ecommerce site before. Is there alot to...
  11. J

    Developing your own eCommerce sollution

    I have a fairly strong software dev. background and (am rather naively at this stage) interested in developing my own Ecommerce software to integrate in to various web applications I develop. Those systems can be anything from shops to online services, etc. I am aware of systems such as Zen...
  12. W

    Anyone using Chronopay?

    Is chronopay a decent option for credit card payments in Ireland?
  13. E

    How to increase the traffic from Google

    How to increase Google traffic, and what is the best way or technique by which we can increase our traffic on Google search engine.
  14. K

    Not a long time ago i was wondering why are so many tube sites and how they made profit in adult industry/content. Searched almost of my time to get the knowledge in this industry and how to make it my personal business. At the beginning i didn't know were to start and what to find. Time was...
  15. J


    What is paypal like for selling goods online? Do they take much of a cut from your sales? If the average price of my products was €500 how much would paypal charge me for a sale? Are there any better solutions that are easy to implement?
  16. M

    repair nightmare @ help!

    Nightmare laptop repair experience. Hi. I brought my laptop in to a company called near o 'connell street in Dublin.The problem I has was it kept powering off for no reason First they tell me it it needed to be cleaned and a new heatsink put in for 100 euro. I think fair enough...
  17. G

    Alternatives to Realex?

    What other companies off a similar service as Realex? As realex are not able to confirm credit card or laser card addresses. I want to look at alternative companys who may offer better rates or more features.
  18. W

    Realex Payments

    Am currently using Realex to manage payments but if my customers make a mistake when keying in their expiry date or security pin in creates an error code and when they correct their error it tells them that the transaction has already been processed. Customers get frightened and think that...
  19. J

    Selling quality in a recession, is it possible?

    Lately I've been noticing a significant number of leads only interested in the cost of getting a website, etc done. The reason I post is because this is starting to become the norm, and something thats hard to ignore. What do you do when a lead isn't interested in a proper web strategy...
  20. jemmi

    PayPal - sending goods to address which differs from Credit Card

    Hi, I have searched the forum and also contacted support with this issue - and I keep coming up against a blank wall. We have an online shop which allows people to purchase cards which we write and then post [on the buyer's behalf] to a third party. We capture the address the card is to be...
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