1. G

    Protecting against Fraudlent Transactions?

    Looking at all the different methods of accepting payments online Laser and PayPal seems to offer the least security for e-tailers against fraud, are there any steps you can take with both of them to minimise risk? Secure Code, Go & Pay, 3V seem to the only safe methods of taking payment...
  2. StudioForty9

    Magento Extension for PayOffline

    Hi Guys, I'm still not permitted to post links on this forum yet, the link to the module is in my signature... Some of you may find this useful if you have clients in the UK - we've just released a payment integration module for PayOffline - it's open source and available at: Link is in...
  3. C

    Creating a Web Host?

    Does anyone know where I could find some good information on setting up a web host?
  4. dbnavan

    Easy manageable online stock gallery

    Hi all, I am looking to design a system for a client who sells furniture, basically what I want to do is design some sort of site which will allow him easily log in and upload pictures of new pieces and there dimensions and price. Is there a CMS solution(possibly Open source) to this, he does...
  5. ocoileac

    As Gaeilge

    Hi people. I'm new to the whole web publishing thing, have been taking care of one site for about 6 months so far. I'm using adsense on this site, and it's fine. Low maintenance, etc. I'm currently working on a website aimed at junior cert schoolkids - so maybe 12 to 15 years old. Problem is...
  6. StudioForty9

    Realex Payments Module for Magento - Released

    Hi Guys, We've just released a Realex Payments Extension for Magento: Because I have just joined this forum I can't post a direct URL to Magento Connect - but that's where you'll find the extension. I've added the direct URL to my signature instead... if somebody with more seniority would be...
  7. JamesA

    Data Protection Act

    I admin an online community and we may at sometime be collecting information such as names, addresses and phone numbers as the community turns into an official organization. All of the membership management could be handled on the website where members submit this information. Any access to this...
  8. n3tFl0w

    New Apple Laptop Lineup?

    Any have any opinions on the new apple laptop design? New features are kind of thin on the ground but I like the new screens. Macworld | Apple unveils new MacBook Pro Anyone going to upgrade?
  9. byronyasgur

    best shopping cart for realex

    hi - i am wondering which carts people have used successfuly with realex . what im looking for is: simplicity reliable and robust secure templatable ( or customisable ) updates not costing an arm and a leg mailing list handles tax featured/new/popular/related products etc good search facility...
  10. mneylon

    PCI Compliance - Are Clients Asking For It?

    Are any of your clients asking for PCI compliance for their ecommerce sites?
  11. Zascar

    Difference between .ie, and .eu for SEO?

    Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in using a, a .ie and a .eu in google? Currently I have a site for a business under .ie as it predominantly operates in Ireland, however they are doing more business in the uk and europe. We already have the and we are thinking about...
  12. mneylon

    IWF Nominated for Irish Web Awards Irish Web Awards - Fall in love with the Web again Blog Archive Moviestar Web Awards - Long List Continued Part 1 Nominated under "Best Discussion Forum"
  13. N

    Site Review - CBB

    Hi guys, first post :D Just want to ask all you people that know a thing or two about webdesign to review my site, give feedback, whatever. CBB (my first proper website) Basically, it's a website of a company that a few of my friends from school set up last year in TY. We have decided to...
  14. B

    CS3 or CS4??

    I was going to be investing in the Adobe CS3 suite, web premium probably, this week but just noticed that CS4 is out soonish. Should I go for CS3 now and update to CS4 after the first/second patch or just wait for CS4 to come out?
  15. n3tFl0w

    The Internet and its content...

    Hi all, Everyone is fond of telling us that 69%(handy number eh?) of the internet is pornographic material and that's got me thinking. Are 69% of the webmasters here looking after pornographic websites? And if "you" don't - do your "friends"? It's interesting cause when I was first getting...
  16. P

    Google not indexing all of site question

    Hi, The website is What is Rolfing?. Click on the left on the "find a rolfer" and it brings you to Find a Rolfer which brings up a directory list. Some of the listed people have a "Business Card" with their entry which is a link to a page with more information about that person and a link to...
  17. S

    Crazy virus eats hardware

    Okay, so I think i got a crazy virus that eats hardware. I've posted up about it on a couple of other forums, and it's stumped everyone. It started out by acting like a normal virus, so i reformatted and started over. Nope that didn't fix it. The thing rights its code to read only chips some...
  18. mneylon

    Topic of the month contest / competition type thing

    I've enabled a new feature which you may or may not like (answers on a postcard!) which allows you to vote on posts / topics throughout the month, so that they may be considered for the topic of the month (see post about this month's competition) Feedback as usual is welcome
  19. J

    A query regarding Data Privacy & Legal Obligations

    Hi, I am working on a project using a shared hosting provider. The project involves the storing of and "secured" access to customer information such as Contact information Private messages Billing history (not credit card information, etc, just payments due, payment history) Legally what do I...
  20. gav240z

    What's wrong with Vista?

    I thought this might make interesting conversation. I'm not sure how true all of it is, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me. What's wrong with Microsoft Windows Vista? — BadVista I can't wait to get a MACBOOK myself and bin my Toshiba Vista box.
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