1. johned

    laser payments

    Has anyone got any ideas about laser card payments with zen cart or oscommerce... Cheers in advance John.
  2. Forbairt

    Gone for a week....

    no doubt ye won't be able to live without me on here .. but I'm gone for a week to Sunny *prays to god* Brittany ... Have a good week ... and in case anyone asks me anything ... HA HA .. :P *goes to set up autoresponders*
  3. F

    discounted greeting cards

    Hi All I have recently launched my greeting card website and would love soem feedback on it... Fab Cards Also can anyone suggest good ways of advertising..budget is tight at present Thanks Grainne
  4. joepc - IP Phones, IP PBX, Analog Adapters, VoIP equipment store

    Hi, I have just launched - IP Phones, IP PBX, Analog Adapters, VoIP equipment store, a new VOIP Products website for the irish market. I've tried to make the site as easy as possible for people to purchase VOIP equipment. The site's blog contains information, reviews, news and...
  5. mneylon

    Magento API

    Not sure if this is "news" or not, but someone posted about it to a mailing list I'm on :) Magento - Magento Core API - Open Source eCommerce Evolved
  6. P

    facebook ads

    A few people have reported this. Red Links 24/06/08 : Alexia Golez Basically it's a way to get $100 free ads from Facebook by adding an application for the VISA Business network
  7. Forbairt

    Moo full size business cards

    Thanks to a post from davros over on Boards I see that Moo are no offering full size business cards | The secret’s out: MOO Business Cards are here! I'm in the market for a few with my address and new details so this works out nicely for me. you can't order in small...
  8. nevf

    "Reserve and Collect" Ecommerce software

    Hi everyone, Just churning out an idea at the moment at work. It's not something that we'll definetley be doing, but if I see enough potential, my boss has given me the go-ahead. Really I'm just investigating costs and potential now. The shop I work in, is a fairly small shop, selling computer...
  9. mneylon

    Register365 Sold

    According to several sources Register365 has been sold to Namesco I presume that the press releases will be out later today with more details
  10. mneylon

    Banner Rates?

    Does anyone know of anywhere that publishs going rates for banner ads? I'm being quoted rather high rates for a site, yet they claim that their rates are "normal"
  11. G

    New offline payment option for e-commerce merchants...

    Just wondering what you make of this new payment option for customers shopping online.... go&pay™ at An Post | go and pay buy online pay offline at any Post Office I think it could be a hit for the 16 - 22 age bracket and for people who are concerned about handing over financial information...
  12. D

    Irish Payment Gateway Comparison ...

    Hi Guys, Here's a payment gateway comparison that you might be interested in ... - Web Development Blog Cheers,
  13. bearaman

    Anyone used secpay to process cards online?

    Hi All, Has anyone used SECPay - Credit Card Processing, Secure Online Payment Service Provider to process credit cards online? They seem cheap compared to other offerings and I'm thinking of using them instead of PayPal. Any feedback would be appreciated. Cheers, B.
  14. J

    Where can we get stock images/photos for use in client projects

    I was going to post earlier regarding "where one can get stock images/photos" for inclusion on website templates which will be sold. I see a lot of people tend to use specifically iStockPhoto, but I have a few concerns. I want to do things right, and don't want to infringe copyright or create...
  15. B

    paypal and 3v

    hi im becky cookie i got a 3v card awhile ago and opened a paypal account then on tuesday just gone i added money to my account but theirs no money in my account still after 5days,ive emailed them and got sum rubbish email back saying i have to have the account verified...
  16. Cormac

    Dental Surgery abroad

    Hi guys, Has anyone here gone foreign to get some dental work done? I have heard that it's a lot lot cheaper to go Eastern Europe and even to Germany than it is to get work done locally in Ireland.
  17. G

    NetworkSolutions just burnt me

    Tried to reg 5 .com domains on tonight when i got to the shopping cart the domains were listed at $34 each I hit the cancel and backed out , But it got worser and worser , my five domains are now registered to and I cant reg them with any one else , I...
  18. G

    Is there any Irish Mobile Poker Website?

    I usually play with Aces Royal™ : Free download skill casino card mobile games on my phone... Problem is I pay in sterling, I win in Sterling, They pay me out by a sterling cheque and then AIB oils me up and pulls down my pants on the exchange rate... I'd love to see and Irish...
  19. L

    iPhone - Ripp-off-Ireland

    RTÉ News: High Irish iPhone charges highlighted High Irish iPhone charges highlighted
  20. EdenWeb

    Cnet feature Irish company

    Just seen an Irish company featured on Cnet News. Coming soon: Movies on flash memory cards | CNET Welcome to Portomedia
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