1. mneylon

    Recycled A4 Paper?

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced supplier of recycled A4 paper?
  2. P

    Accepting Credit Card Payments

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place for this... One website I have contains a directory - normally, I invoice companies and receive payment by cheque. A few companies have asked to be able to pay by credit card. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can accept Credit Card...
  3. Z

    Quick mod_rewrtie quesyion

    Quick mod_rewrite question I want to have a page like from, i have this but cant figure it out!?? RewriteRule ^/([^/]*)\$ /profile.php?name=$1 [L,NC]
  4. Forbairt

    3 monitors ... one machine anyone ?

    Just curious if I'm weird if I want to have 3 monitors attached to the one machine 1 coding screen 1 preview screen 1 documentation screen I have two at the moment ... and its just not enough :| ... is that wrong of me ? :) If people are using 3+ how did ye go about setting them up ?
  5. S

    Unused Domains

    Just looking to get some feedback on whether there is any opportunity to acquire a .ie domain that has been registered but in all proability is not going to be used as it has been 6/7 months since it was registered and it was only registered for a year. I came across a stat recently of over...
  6. Z

    Adsense Disappeared

    Its adsense down? Not showing up for me today on my sites!?
  7. mneylon

    Credit Card Fraud?

    Just out of interest what kind of measures do you implement against CC fraud? We've been blocking access to our site's order pages for some time to certain countries to avoid issues, though we will have to revise that
  8. mneylon

    Ecommerce Useful Links

    Welcome - PayPal Online Payments / Credit Card Processing Online / Accept Credit Cards Online / Ecommerce Solutions / Payment solutions: Home - you will need your own merchant account to use them WorldPay - Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card...
  9. gav240z

    Affiliate Marketing - What CMS Do You Use? If one at all?

    Hi Everyone, I am just wondering what software you use, if any for affiliate marketing? I am considering giving it a go myself and was wondering how others manage their pages. I think the freedom of CSS / XHTML without constraints of a CMS would be best but keeping pages updated could be a...
  10. H

    Online Merchant

    Hey guyz, A simple survey. What is the best online merchant that work perfectly in the Irish market?, Most reliable, support your choice. List as many as you can, get your engine running...
  11. T

    Website Copied

    Just came across an Irish web design company that has obviously copied design and content from my own website. There are paragraphs that are word for word taken from my site as well as some design elements. See comparison image and website link below (remove the x's). I'm going to email them to...
  12. Forbairt

    alienware introduce a curved monitor ...

    ok just thought I'd share cus this looks kinda cool :) Huge Monitor: Alienware Curved Monitor Looks Like It's From Another Planet
  13. L

    Website now selling with no Shopping Cart?

    Hi Guys Maybe someone has any other theories of what happened here, Customer rings me this morning and tells me that a woman sent an email saying Now that’s sounds fine except, it’s impossible to buy anything online via his website (except design books from Amazon) His website is...
  14. gav240z

    Best price for MacBook?

    Hi everyone, What's the cheapest way to obtain a MacBook Pro? I was thinking of going to New York just to buy one from the US and see NY as I've never been, but is there a better way? Has anyone used the finance option, is there anything to look out for? I was considering getting a cheap Dell...
  15. jgabor ?

    Hey! First post here...
  16. F

    Letter of application for a .ie

    I have been asked to re-submit an application to the IEDR for a .ie domain I recently purchased (I don't really want to say what it is). It is an online hotel booking system that I am writing in Ajax/ASP.NET. It is not a commercial site, just a kind of showcase site that I want to have online so...
  17. mneylon

    Are You Sending Christmas Cards?

    Just out of interest, do any of you plan on sending Christmas cards to clients / suppliers?
  18. Forbairt

    Dell PowerEdge Server €149

    Dumping this in here as its not a market place offer as such .. still thought developers / people on here could use an extra machine for next to nothing Dell Poweredge Server €149 exVAT Amazing deal. Normal price according to Dell is €609 exVAT. Offer ends 7/12/07 The Dell Online Store: Build...
  19. Fintan

    Google Christmas Present

    Got a very pleasant surprise in the post today. Google sent me a Christmas card and USB memory key (2GB credit card style) the key comes in a leather pouch. Anybody else get anything from them?
  20. Z

    ASP vs PHP

    What are peoples feelings on ASP vs PHP, which would be prefered or what do you think is more powerful?? I'm thinking on moving over to ASP but haven't seen a lot of support community wise for it yet!
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