1. bearaman

    Does any Irish bank offer online credit card processing?

    Hi All, A client of mine has recently setup a merchant account with an Irish bank and got themselves a credit card processing machine. They have a site that sells goods and uses PayPal to process the credit card payments. They asked me if it was possible to now process their web purchases with...
  2. B

    ubuntu upgrades

    I am running Dapper for quite a while now on my main pc and have been reluctant to upgrade to Edgy -> Feisty -> Gutsy. However, i want to take the plunge now! Is it a relatively smooth process? Will all my installed packages still be there? I will use 'gksu "update-manager -c" ' as this...
  3. EdenWeb

    My Pay Pal hacked - how??

    This is interesting. Luckily enough Pay Pal refunded my money within minutes and it was a small amount of cash. Any thoughts? Here's the timeline. Bank phones me to tell me that my credit card *may* have been comprimised and they were issuing me a new one. Details were sketchy (or they...
  4. davidbehan

    recommend an seo person...

    Hi, Looking for recommendations for an SEO person to do SEO work on a site, link building, campaign management, etc. Already know of Richard and Dave so anyone else people could recommend? Thanks, Dave
  5. U

    Hi guys, ... it's soooo much better off in your pocket is only live a few days so any feedback is most welcome. Basically it is a free, find, compare and switch service in the areas of everyday utilities such as electricity, television, broadband, home phone etc along with...
  6. mneylon

    Anyone get nominated for a net visionary?

    So did anyone get nominated for a net visionary?
  7. R

    Dealing with CC fraud

    Having not dealt too much with CC payments previously, I'm now confronted with increasing numbers of fraudulent payments. I hadn;t realised that it was just so easy to get away with... So the bank are now advising on checking all payments made with foreign sounding names and saying to retain...
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