1. mneylon

    Google Webmaster Tools Reporting non-problems

    Not sure if anyone else has come across this .. As part of a site move and general clean up I updated the robots.txt to block access to a subdirectory that should have been blocked all along and now doesn't exist on the site's new backend (I changed CMS) Google webmaster tools, however, is...
  2. S

    Site review if your not too busy

    Hey guys me again - have a new site which is launched now but looking to highlight it in Jan after I fix and tweek it. Your comments would be much appreciated. Happy Christmas to you all B
  3. N

    Website not appearing - maybe flash?

    Hi guys, I have worked some SEO on my own website but I seem to be hitting a wall. The site is Guesthouse Donegal - B&B Guesthouse Accommodation in Donegal - Restaurants Letterkenny It is about 4 months old now but even when i type some of the content into search engines, the website is...
  4. L

    SEO Tips

    These are some of the key points of good SEO: Visual side, general design, web usability and accessibility factors considered. [*=left]Clean code complied with W3C. [*=left]Server side optimization. [*=left]Meta, Title and Heading tags edited correctly. [*=left]Proper Keyword selection and...
  5. D

    to spam or not to spam

    hi i'm trying to find forums in Ireland where i can set up a profile for a website , also link to it and if possible promote it (for free) to get backlinks, without being considered as a spammer !!! does such a place exist ? :upset:
  6. LinkAssistant

    How to check rankigns for local search?

    Those of you who dont know us (yet :lemo:) - we make SEO tools. One of them is Rank Tracker and it is used extensively for international SEO. Our users often ask - how do I get accurate search results for a client site in Dubai when running Rank Tracker out of New York? In such cases we used to...
  7. F

    Are You Special?

    Being a truly special writer is a true challenge, and one we're unlikely to meet if our attention is focused elsewhere. Back in 1995 people thought I was a NASA engineer because I could upload images to a web server. I kinda thought that too. :-) Obviously things have changed a lot since then...
  8. grandad

    Google blacklist?

    My apologies for not being around for the last couple of years, but I finally retired from the Webmastery game. Bet you all thought I had kicked the bucket? I have a wee problem that I have been trying to resolve for the last little while, and hoped someone may have an idea or two...
  9. M - New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries

    Would appreciate any feedback on"][/URL] Some SEO stuff (title tags etc) and T+C still outstanding, but other than that I be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  10. F

    Website not displaying in IE8

    Our website Pipistrel Aircraft | Microlights for Sale | Sinus Virus Taurus Short wing swing for Sale is not displaying properly in Internet Explorer 8. Just the background color and the menu bar is showing. It is working fine in IE9, Mozilla and Chrome. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Fergus
  11. mneylon

    Apple OSX Lion?

    So have you upgraded to OSX Lion yet?
  12. mneylon

    Marketing Via Google Plus

    Seemingly Google won't be offering any tools for businesses on Google Plus in the short term Discuss :)
  13. C

    CSS Minifier and personal blog

    Hi guys, It's been a while since my last post here. Just wanted to announce two new websites, one is a CSS Minifier and one is my redeveloped/redesigned blog. You can find the CSS Minifier at CSS Minify . It has a nice and clean design (I think) and it's kept simple as it's only purpose is to...
  14. M

    CDN worthwhile if only targeting Ireland?

    For an e-commerce site targeting Irish customers only, am I going to see much benefit in offloading product images to a CDN? I gues at high volumes I'll save on having to serve the images, but beyond that am I likely to see any page speed benefit? I have this idea that it's more useful if I'm...
  15. php.allstar

    .htaccess 301 redirect and wordpress

    Hi, I regularly post replies to people on here looking for help woth various php issues. Now however, I would like some help myself! I have updated my website to use classipress which is a classifieds ads theme for wordpress. Now I would like to point all the old links to their...
  16. P

    Console pros website

    Hello looking for some ideas to improve my site, please take a look and post comments.
  17. K

    google seo meta tags

    are they useful , do they help when u add meta tags to your site
  18. Zascar

    Making a facebook Fan Page?

    Anyone here an expert in this? I have a new site which I'm launching soon - I think making a good facebook fan page will be key for me. I have set up a very basic page but it needs a lot of work. I tried that FBML thing but I hear that has now been replaced by Static iFrame or something, I had a...
  19. trickobrien

    Free Wordpress Themes

    The endless search for free Wordpress themes.I came across this theme a couple of days ago-EvoLve EvoLve - FREE Themes for your WordPress blog - Theme4Press I would think it will be updated with future releases of WP Anyone else come across or used themes they would recommend?
  20. trickobrien

    Related Keyword Stuffing

    They seem to be fair game,I just wonder how much weight is really applied to their presence.
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