1. S

    Tel me your opinion about Buy and Sell classifieds website, please Thanks

    Any body upgraded to vbulletin 4 yet?

    Just wondering if any forum admin running vbulletin have upgraded to vb yet and what they thought of it. I will prob wait a few months my self untill all the kinks are worked out and i find a decent style to use.
  3. W

    Site Review

    God these lingerie sites make me a happy camper, Lingerie UK has beautiful ladies clad in very sexy lingerie, easy on the eye. Anyway the clients brief was clean cut website with big thumbnails rather than wee squashed up images with no detail. Your thoughts please guys & girls.
  4. C

    Corporate WordPress templates / themes

    Hi, I am looking for a very corporate looking theme / template for WordPress. I have been looking online but there are so many I am finding it hard to find any decent site. There wont be a blog on the website so there doesn't need to be one in the template. Thanking you in advance...
  5. A

    Site review - Vimeo Users

    Put together a little site to display your latest vimeo videos. Tried to keep the design as simple and clean as possible to keep the focus on your videos. Love to hear your comments, bugs, opinion ect. (Especially people who use vimeo regularly). P.S. Thanks php.allstar for your...
  6. J

    Feedback from Clients During Projects

    I'm sure we've all been in this situation before where we have taken on a client who expresses an urgency to complete the project, but then takes an age to actually tell you what they want. Personally my greatest problem is usually gathering content. I will sit down with them in the shortest...
  7. R

    Criticise me!

    Hey all, I have made some changes to my site and am looking for criticism from the experts! Thanks P
  8. G

    New version of

    Hello all, We released this morning a complete new layout for our website Blueface | VoIP | Ireland's Internet Phone Service We'd really appreciate some feedback from professionals about it, regarding the graphic side, it's usability, the technical side, SEO ... anything really :) We'll add...
  9. S

    Setting Clean URLs in Drupal

    I am trying to turn on Clean URLs in Drupal and I am getting the following message; Your system configuration does not currently support this feature. The handbook page on Clean URLs has additional troubleshooting information. I have gone through all the instructions on the link but I dont...
  10. N

    Urgent Urgent

    I just tried to start my PC this evening and it won't start up. It looks like its loading until I get to the Black Windows screen then the whole system just turns off with no warning. I then tried to start it in safe mode and same thing again. I then pluged everything out that I don't need...
  11. S

    Supplemental Index

    Hey guys, Just wondering if site:Example Web Page -inallurl:Example Web Page still works to find supplemental results by subtracting from site:Example Web Page I have a site which I know has some supplemental pages but is coming up clean. Any ideas? Cheers
  12. G

    Starting a company

    Hi lads, I thought there was a thread here before describing how to start a company? Just wondering what's involved? I heard it's easy and cheap enough to get a company name and that. It's the accounts at year end could be the expensive thing? How do people go about this? I'm just thinking...
  13. W

    One for the romantic geeks

    Just in case anyone missed it, songsincode is running around Twitter. The idea is to reduce song lines to code. As an example, var i = {shot:{sheriff:true,deputy:false}} That reads as “I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy” (just in case someone doesn't get it). Or how about...
  14. R

    Promoting my website with a blog

    Hello all! I have a site that deals with surgery associates. I wanted to open a blog for it, and I wanted to ask you if you think it will be useful to open a blog for this kind of website, will it be useful? will it drive me more traffic? Link for a website that deals also with surgery...
  15. A

    New website effort and cost

    I have what i think is a good idea for a new website - I have the domain and hosting arranged - what i don't have is the site which i need to set up from scratch and i also don't have any previous experience in setting up a commercial web site (although I do have 10yrs in a technical field and...
  16. EdenWeb

    Gumblar infect - Riddle me this

    A UK site, blog and CRM install have been infected with the Gumblar virus. Without boring you all with details, the virus infects a users PC, searches for FTP details and uploads modified website files back to the server which then infect visitors to that site... The puzzle here is that I...
  17. reverbstudios

    Re-design of

    I've just put the new re-design of my main business site live and would welcome opinion on it please. I've tried to make it as bright as possible given that I've decided to stick with dark colors and I've tried to keep it slightly different looking from the standard. I've also gone for a...
  18. M

    help !
  19. L

    All my websites Hacked

    I have about 5 websites across various platforms with Hosting 365 and all have been hacked today!!,:mad: first I thought it was just one but now I see its all of them. I've sent support tickets to 365 but haven't received a reply yet so will ring them first thing in the morning. Will it be...
  20. K

    Hi, I have just introduced myself on the introduction thread and would like to ask if you have the time if you could have a look at my new website. I am a work at home mum who just figured out how to use WYSIWYG e-commerce software. I have no web development experience or training. The website...
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