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    My Portfolio

    Home : David Delahunty Hey guys, I am a freelance Graphic designer from Dublin. Feel free to check it out and if you need any design work done at an affordable price get in contact.
  2. R

    register365_OFFICIAL twitter account

    Good evening everyone We've noticed that someone has decided to pretend that they're us on, using the handle "register365". This most definitely isn't us, and the person doing this has nothing at all to do with or We have our own handle on there now...

    Earn a living from website advertising

    It's a vague question I know, but why not. What kind of numbers / traffic / clicks to you think is needed before you could earn enough from advertising from your site / sites. Forget referral advertising where people have to buy stuff and you get a slice, I mean mostly cpc stuff. Or is that a...
  4. Byron

    Hi Guys, yet another newbie!

    Hi Everyone, Im new on this site in my own person (before I was sent to find out new ideas by employers), so hopefully ya'll welcome me! Basically I'm 18, I attempt to design websites, I develop mainly accessible(ish) websites, and love to learn new tricks of the trade, etc. I am a lover of CSS...
  5. S

    SQL Injection Attacks, Insecure Servers and the Aftermath

    Just from one of the posts i read here just a minute ago about an attack on a website there is one other thing i would like to rant about. SECURITY!!!! There are a hell of a lot of good developers out there, however they tend to fall short on security, from all areas. Application and Server...
  6. S

    monetizing my domains advice needed

    I have a view spare domains names mainly .coms but also have a couple of .me (had cn as well until they were taken off me) Anyhow what is the best way in monetarizing them Should I just park them and if so whats the best parking solution and how do you drive traffic to a parked domain
  7. S

    Domain Re-direction name in address bar

    Hey all, Quick question, I've just done a site for a University club. They are hosting it on their servers (with a huge long url into the bargain!) I bought a .com fro the club from Digiweb and they are re-directing to the server in question... However, once the clean url is entered, the...
  8. C

    Fashionable watches - review.

    Hi there, would really like to know your thoughts on this one :-) Just launched...
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