1. S

    New CPL Campaign

    Dear Publishers, We have just launched a new CPL campaign and we are seeking new lead generation publishers to help us grow this offer. The payout is quite attractive at €1 per lead and with no lead cap and the current high conversion rate, it makes this offer much more attractive than the...
  2. L

    What are the best Web Visitor Analysis tools out there?

    Google Analytics is rough, out-dated and rapidly becoming obsolete. I've heard of many better analytics tools out there but you have to invest a lot of time in them before you know if they're limiting you or helping you expand! I would love to hear ideas about better analytics tracking software...
  3. J

    Tracking Conversions

    My website uses PayPal buy now buttons, so when the customer clicks the button they are directed to Following purchase they are redirected back to the Success page on my website. Here they are asked to select from a dropdown list to provide info on where they heard about us...
  4. W

    SERP falling

    Hi All I've recently noticed my serp falling for "wedding video cork".Sepr no 4 I was looking at the competition and I've more backlinks going to my site. I think my site is well optimised. Any anyone could have a look and give me some ideas on improving the serp I'd really appreciate it...
  5. R

    Encourage Content Creation?

    Hi, I am currently doing a bit of work with a professional services firm who are slow to take responsibility for creating content to keep their website fresh. Anybody have any good experience or tips to help encourage staff members to create content and input to the firms website? I have...
  6. T

    Butlers Bingo- Affiliate Programme

    Hey Folks, My name is Simon and I am the affiliate programme for a relatively new Bingo site Play Online Bingo | Casino Games. We primarily advertise in the UK and are looking to increase the exposure in Ireland. It could be a great opportunity for those with gaming traffic or those with a...
  7. H

    New Program! HungryHouse - Nice Welcome Promo!

    HungryHouse the easy way to find and order a takeaway delivery in the UK! The launch of our new Affiliate Program available on Affiliate Window offers you a commission level of an industry leading promotional rate of 7.5% per sale! for the first three months, Our standard tier of commission...
  8. T

    Online Dating Summit 2012, Barcelona - Free for Affiliates

    From 2-5 March 2012, Barcelona will be the proud host of Europe’s first International Online Dating Summit. The online dating and social networking industry is one of the worlds' largest virtual economies. With hundreds of millions of users the industry has become an undeniable economic...
  9. B

    affiliate program christmas / gift related?

    Hi I created this site & I will be launching it this week. It's a novelty christmas website with the main emphasis to share on social media sites & commenting via facebook. At the moment I have google adsense on the site & I'm just wondering does any know of...
  10. J

    Need to build an Commerce site - Advice please?

    Hi, I need to build an eCommerce site to sell approx 20 products to consumers in Ireland. I am fairly computer savvy but know nothing about web development. I've looked at and got quotes from a couple of web development companies ( and Their prices vary from...
  11. M

    Goodbye keyword data

    As of today, under the guise of improving privacy, Google are going to start using SSL by default for logged in Google users. Which means query details won't be passed through to the target website: Google claim that...
  12. W

    Website Hits

    Hi All , Could somebody let me know what they think of this website stats It is an ecommerce shop in ireland Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth Jan 2011 136 249 2,618 11,040 107.23 MB Feb 2011 250 404 12,372 36,058 551.12 MB Mar 2011 315 454 12,311 24,693...
  13. trickobrien

    Best starting point to create an online shop?

    Seem to be going around in circles on this one.Keyword search volumes and competition isnt producing any clear solution. Would prefer to stick to free traffic initially Every idea seems saturated already.
  14. trickobrien

    Where Do Irish Businesses Spend Their Online Advertising Budget

    Seems like its all Adwords,Facebook,Tradedoubler possibly CJ Isnt there a big enough market for an Irish affiliate website?
  15. mneylon

    Encouraging Reviews on Google Places?

    Has anyone got any tips on getting people to review businesses that are on Google places? Apart from simply linking to the listing and asking for a review I can't really think of any other ideas ..
  16. B Robbers

    I recently meet with an advertising rep from - I was looking to run an ad in there online additional of goldenpages for my painting website. I was basically just looking for a link. anyway....They were charging €2200 ex vat! The ad was alright - Somtn similar to a google places...
  17. A

    New way to use your content

    Good day. Proud to present you our project - paid archives What is ZIPMONSTER? ZIPMONSTER is a unique internet solution for file hosting that lets owners of websites, blogs, media portals or any other internet services earn money from file downloads. They key feature of that...
  18. L

    Google Metrics - increased cost = good metric

    Just blogged about something I noticed on Google AdWords - when the cost per conversion goes down, the metric is green. When the CTR goes up, the metric is green. If the number of impressions goes down, its in red - i.e. Green = good, red = bad. For some reason, regardless of the other metrics...
  19. R

    AdWords Conversions?

    Hi Guys, I'm pulling my hair out here so hope you guys can help. I'm running several AdWords accounts for clients in different industries and in the last month or so have found some strange conversion results. Do people trust the AdWords Conversions Stats they are seeing and if so have you too...
  20. H

    Tradedoubler - Tracking Working / How are affiliates doing?

    Hello all, Just seeing if any affiliates would like to share their thoughts in relation to Tradedoubler and tracking of sales / leads etc. On one site of mine in particular, I've been building out various channels (it's getting about 4-5k uniques per day, mostly Irish), and promoting various...
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