1. S

    New Webgains Program: The Book People IE

    Hi All, It's a quick note to let you know that we've launched an new merchant on our Irish platform called The Book People. Details of their program are as follows: The Book People provides a hand picked selection of best-selling books at up to 75% off RRP with free standard delivery on...
  2. immediate

    4.66% conversion rate with Amazon

    I had a 4.66% conversion rate for the last 10 days with Amazon. What's your conversion rate promoting products at Amazon? I also built 2 new niche sites: standing desk and military fictions. I was planning to creating a book club script so I can build a lot of niche book club sites very...
  3. T

    Please review our fashion website

    We have recently redesigned our website and started an online shop selling mens suits,shirts,ties etc at Tom Murphy's | Mens suits, suit hire, suits, wedding suits | Tom Murphy Suits & Suit Hire Cork and woul love feedback
  4. mneylon

    Adsense Earnings Down?

    Just checking a couple of Adsense accounts I manage and there appears to be a dip in earnings. Is anyone else noticing this?
  5. D

    Any good software to convert SWF to AVI with alpha?

    I want convert My SWF file to AVI with alpha and it should keep good quality. Is there anyone can suggest a good software for me? Make sure that it can keep good quality after conversion. Thanks a million wish you good luck and always happy in 2010!
  6. A

    Is €0.02 max cost per click enough to run an Adwords campaign?

    I have a client who gets €0.04 revenue per click at his website, purely through non-paid organic SEO. Is this enough to run a PPC campaign, say paying a maximum of €0.02 cost per click? Can you execute an Adwords campaign with that low a maximum cost per click?
  7. mneylon

    Inbound Link Targets?

    Just been looking at where a site is getting traffic from and was wondering.. In some cases I can control which page on the site other sites link to ie. I could change the link to be a "deep" link to a specific product / service page. Would that be better or should I try to keep as many of...
  8. M

    Google Introduce Personalised Search for signed out users

    Official Google Blog: Personalized Search for everyone Realised I was getting some strange serps during the week and found this. Opinions? another nail in the SEO coffin? Bad for new websites trying to make an impression?
  9. S

    What is your definition of SEO?

    In your own words what is your definition of SEO?
  10. B

    Failed attempts??

    Hi guys, Im new to this web dev/adsense stuff and am currently in the failed attempts stage :D Im wondering how many attempts (if any) did you have before you got the balance right and started seeing some cash coming in? Also some info on your failed attempts and the lessons you learned from...
  11. S

    Online advertising from mainstream agencies

    Hi all, I need a bit of help here please. I have a travel site about Ireland that attracts in excess of 100,000 unique visitors a month. The only way it is monetized at the moment is with Google Adsense. What sort of traffic do you need to have for to attract advertising from mainstream Irish...
  12. jonathanthomas

    Free Advice: The Best Performing Adsense Slot

    This advice is completely subjective and may not work for your site but I thought I'd pass on this tip. On my biggest blog, my highest earning ad slot is the one I have placed in the middle of posts (the 330 width box). It outearns my other ads 2 to 1. I use the Easy Adsenser plugin for...
  13. L

    Lasertech Affiliate Program

    Hello forum! I wanted to introduce myself and the Lasertech Printer Cartridges & Office Products affiliate program that is running exclusively with Affiliate Window. For those of you who don't know or have never heard of us here at Lasertech here is some vital and interesting info: About Us...
  14. S

    Campaign costs

    Anyone know what is the average ammount spent by companies on there adwords campaign...
  15. E

    New Program

    Good morning, I am pleased to announce a new program to the Irish network - Feel Unique is the destination for beauty with huge savings on over 6,000 products from more than 200 leading brands including Clarins, Xen-Tan, Decleor and L’Oreal with FREE worldwide delivery. We...
  16. M

    Moving from a blog to an online shop

    I'm working on an idea for an online business. I'm thinking of testing the water by writing a blog on the subject first, building up backlinks to that and getting it ranked well, maybe promote some related affiliate products, to get an idea of traffic and conversion rates. Then leverage the blog...
  17. 9

    Track Your PPC Campaigns With Affiliate Prophet

    Affiliate Prophet helps you track the most important aspects of your internet marketing campaigns, especially for those who drive traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign such as Goolge Adwords. It can help you identify the attention rate and interest level of visitors coming to your...
  18. M

    Hey All, First post on this forum... I just inherited this site - greenpages. ie - and am now tasked with driving up traffic and general management of all things online. All thoughts and comments very welcome. Currently trying to decide if we should invest time and effort in trying to fix up...
  19. N

    Looking for feedback from a web perspective on a business idea

    I'm going to be launching a luxury online business specialising in high end cashmere. I'm wondering if any web gurus here could give me feedback from an online perspective relating to this business idea ? Obviously, I'm going to have online and offline marketing strategies. Just looking for...
  20. N

    Testing a niche

    Hi everyone, I need to test a niche market. My goal is to run a short Adwords campaign targetting specific keywords relating to my niche. I want to find out if people will search and buy* for what I am offering. I need a basic three page site to do something like this. Can someone here please...
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