1. Anouilh

    Google Analytics

    I like Google Analytics as the Map Overlay gives a clear idea of where visitors come from. However, it does not seem to be praised by this blogger: 3 Reasons Google Analytics Fails for SEO Do many other webmasters here use it?
  2. R

    Free Conversion Testing

    Ok - so I know this is a bit of a self-plug, but thought I might mention this here: I've rolled out a free testing offer - If it's useful to anyone here please drop me a...
  3. W

    What's wrong with this landing page?

    I've looking at my analytics and am struggling to understand why the bounce rate for a particular term is so high (50%). I have an Adwords campaign for searches for Lego that takes you to the following page: Lego at I don't understand... they arrive because they are obviously...
  4. gav240z

    Google Analytics Qualification and Training

    Hi Everyone, Thought some of you might be interested in doing the training for Google Analytics training. Here is some background on the course Google Press Center: Press Release Visit Conversion University and learn about Google Analytics before taking the exam Conversion University Help...
  5. gav240z

    Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer Feedback Thread

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to try and get this thread running. I work very closely with Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer and I'm looking for feedback on both products. What I want to try and do is on a weekly basis collect feature requests or questions about Web...
  6. W

    SEO Plan Of Attack - Maybe a Forum Project

    I have a client with a good internet business based within the lingerie and fashion sector. They rank number one for the term "erotic lingerie" "male lingerie" and a few other generic lingerie phrases. However my client wishes to rank well for the keyword "Lingerie" What is the best plan of...
  7. kflanagan28

    Error message when I post

    Hey Just wondering. Why do I get this message when I post on here (down the left hand side) Frontpage User Recent Blog: [CaRP] Failed to open file: Searchbrat Blog Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation and Online Marketing in Ireland
  8. M

    Optimize Joomla for Search Engines

    I have optimized so many sites and also achieved better result and better traffic. But when i am going to optimize joomal website I am failing to get my target. target means better ranking and good conversion. Can anybody suggest how to optimise joomal website. Thanks
  9. M

    When Pay Per Click or Any Paid Advertising gives Low Performance.

    Pay Per Click like any other advertising medium takes research, time, money and most of all attention and patience. Some people use PPC marketing to get results while their site is slowly climbing the ranks and stop the campaign when they achieve a good natural listing. Can any body suggest...

    New Forum URL Structure and SEO

    I am currently using a phpbb2 based forum and CMS. I want to upgrade in the near future. How ever, both Phpbb3 and vbulletin have a different way of creating a topic page Eg Phpbb2 : forum/viewtipic.php?t=1000 Phpbb3 : forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=724145 vb: forum/showthread.php?t=114015...
  11. C

    Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes

    Email marketing is a tricky area though and it is easy to make common email marketing mistakes if you don’t know the right methods to use. This can be frustrating for you as it will cost you money yet not generate any additional sales. Here are some common email marketing mistakes and pitfalls...
  12. T

    Does nobody search??

    Hi guys, Does nobody search google in Ireland at the weekend or something? Is it very quiet at weekends or am I spacing out?
  13. andywozhere

    How are you doing on Tradedoubler?

    In the 239 clicks (and many thousand impressions) that tradedoubler affiliate programmes have received from my site, I've received a grand total of 6.50 Euros (less than 3 cents a click). I'll be trying to give tradedoubler affiliates one last try over the next month or so, but so far it seems a...
  14. J

    How to get FlowPlayer file to display on my site

    Hi all, I was given a wmv file to display on our website, but have converted it to flv instead using Riva FLV Encoder to make it more widely accessible. The FLV file plays fine, so the conversion seems to have worked ok, but I'm having a problem getting it to play on the site. It'll display...
  15. gav240z

    Emails Not Getting Past Spam Filters

    Hi Everyone, One of my community sites is on a relatively new domain Vintage JDM | Classic Japanese Cars & Nostalgic Owners Club I get lots of members signing up but so far little activity on the site (to be honest I've not had much time / energy to put into it lately) but I think part of the...
  16. K

    What are benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising works because: * By using the bidding system, similar to how an action works,everyone can compete on a level playing field. * Pay per click is cost efficient. * Results are measurable. * It's extremely well targeted. * Pay per click is the...
  17. P

    New calendar marketing concept

    I apologize for what may seem like a product plug. We would like to gather feedback from this forum of online marketers on our new opt-in calendar marketing service, “Calgoo In-Calendar Marketing”. It has similarities with email marketing, but the delivery is to calendars like Outlook...
  18. P

    Forums and User Groups Canned Messages

    New calendar marketing concept I apologize for what may seem like a product plug. We would like to gather feedback from this forum of online marketers on our new opt-in calendar marketing service, “Calgoo In-Calendar Marketing”. It has similarities with email marketing, but the delivery is...
  19. B

    google analytics ate my hamster

    not quite, but when I logged in yesterday to the work account, all site profiles were gone... i emailed google and got the standard and this morning got so i guess theyre not going to help me
  20. G

    recommend a good book on seo

    hi guys can anyone recommend a good book on seo for google thats up to date. thanks
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