1. G

    Web Developer / Designer Experienced Full time Job

    Web Developer / Designer Full services Emarketing and Web Development / Web Services Company. We are looking for an experienced, dedicated and motivated web developer / designer to join our team in South Co Dublin right near the DART line. The individual will be responsible for the design of...
  2. mneylon

    CSV to MySQL Conversion Tools?

    Can anyone recommend any CSV to MySQL conversion tools? I've got a flatfile database which has a series of fields that I need to import into MySQL. Most of the fields in the orginal will map to new ones in the MySQL, while some on both sides will be ignored Any recommendations welcome :)
  3. L

    php compare date

    Something very weird happens when trying to compare date from database to date("d/m/Y") if I have 01/11/2006 <= 06/12/2006 it works grand but if I have in the database 29/11/2006 <= 06/12/2006 it doesn't I tried strtotime conversion but the same thing happens.
  4. mneylon

    What's the most you pay per click?

    Using adwords, what's the most you have or would pay per click?
  5. anthonymcg

    Displaying email addresses

    We've got a contact section our site listing out names and phone numbers along with email addresses. I'm wondering what's the best way to combat spam bots from copying these addresses down? Should I use something like: firstname.lastname [at] ?? Appreciate some feedback.
  6. P

    State of Irish web design Seriously, was this created in Word and just exported. There are so many things wrong with this, it defies belief. If this is what people want - well then screw that I can give people that. Just need them to wait until I take a massive dump and give it back to...
  7. D


    I have a couple of sites running mambo 4.5.1 and I want to upgrade them to Joomla. Does anyone know of any resources that will explain how to do this?
  8. L

    Amazon Associates aStore has release a Beta aStore for associates. What do you think about it?
  9. mneylon

    The best affiliate program?

    Which company offers the best affiliate program? I'll start the ball rolling :) Amazon's affiliate program is one of the oldest and is probably the best. You can find a wide variety of scripts and plugins for your website to help make the most from the program and maximise your earnings.
  10. mneylon

    Links - Irish Affiliate Programs

    Irish Companies Offering Affiliate Programs If you know of any Irish companies / websites offering affiliate programs please let us know.
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