1. M

    Google Spiders - Log Files

    Cant seem to find any good resources on the behavior of google spiders, perhaps there are none? anyway looking at my log files im trying to figure something out... Google ( [Label IP Address] Mountain View, California, United States, 0 returning visits DateTimeTypeWebPage...
  2. C

    mysql/php count rows

    i have this table: +---------+------------+ | page_id | url | +---------+------------+ | 1 | page_1.php | +---------+------------+ | 2 | page_2.php | +---------+------------+ | 3 | page_3.php | +---------+------------+ I want to create a php counter that gets the...
  3. andywozhere

    Ireland Metrix publish data for Irish website

    Just wondering what anyone thought of the data published by Ireland Metrix who are part of Blue Metrix. They've data for 27 Irish sites. They included Dublinbynumbers as part of their trial and we look like pretty small fish so far, still it is nice to be included. they gave us a free three...
  4. P

    Members Twitters

    A bit like I think it might be an idea to have a thread with the lists of users twitter a/c's I'm a good 6-12 months behind most people, and I finally rustled up an account:: Twitter / savagepaul
  5. W

    Free visitor analysis tools

    Is Google Analytics the only free tool? If it isn't, is it the best one?
  6. N

    register365 problems AGAIN

    It looks like the namesco/ register365 mySQL databases are down. Tried to access some mySQL databases and I am only getting. ******** Error SQL query: SHOW CHARACTER SET; MySQL said: #5 - Out of memory (Needed 6757000 bytes) ******** Or is this a hosting365 issue. The error is...
  7. S

    Hosting/domain advice for a newbie to Ireland

    Hi, I'm hoping to pick your brains about setting up a site for my wife. We've only been here a few months. She is teaching the Alexander Technique in Fingal, so only needs to reach folk North of Dublin. I understand from the forums that to register a .ie domain name she needs to establish some...
  8. Zascar

    Help with Blogger and "Addthis"

    Guys I have this blogspot blog. I want to use the "AddThis" bookmarking utility. However the instructions on these pages: But neither instructions work, perhaps as my...
  9. Forbairt

    some new thoughts ...

    After having spoken to Louie the last night and a few others ... I realised I need to start tuning out BADLY from work in the evenings and at weekends. Now I know there have probably been threads on this before but have people actually been successful in tuning out and getting back to...
  10. Forbairt

    I'm in love .... with Magento...

    oh my god is all I can say ... Installed this morning... and I'm completely blown away ...
  11. littleBird

    Should we

    A customer of mine is thinking of moving from their current Hosting company after an extended period of dissatisfactory service. An Irish based hosting company,, has been suggested to them and I don't know what to say. I have never heard of them before, never mind done business with...
  12. johned

    Hit counters

    Anyone got any ideas on how to hide from hit couters without using a proxy!
  13. Forbairt

    Live Firefox download counter :)

    kinda cool :)
  14. S


    Hi guys, looking for some expert advice. I have 3 sites at the moment on 1 server, doing a new comprhensive web.20 site, widgets rich content information, social networking and so on. Can you tell me what type of framework i might need for this new sites and typr of migration problems l...
  15. Cormac

    What's on your Google Analytics Dashboard?

    Hi guys, Normally I use statcounter to check out the statistics of my sites. I don't usually login to my GA account but I will using it more regularly in the coming weeks and months. Just wondering how people have customised the dashboard. Which widgets have you surfaced to your dashboard?
  16. S

    Recommendations for a stats package

    I have about 120 sites on IIS, and I need a decent stats package that can provide each of my clients with their own stats, and still be secure enough to stop snooping by the other clients. I got what I thought was a reasonable quote for WebTrends, but it turned out to be a 1M page view annual...
  17. H


    Hey Guyz, Did you every encounter paypal asking for Legal Documents?? Or they often there service off line for monthly maintenance. Does anyone of you used Paypal Merchant is it worth trying? Regards, Ann=)
  18. F

    how do I produce affiliate links?

    Hey guys, just wondering what I need to do to set up affiliate links. I want to put a link from my site to another website and count the number of times it is clicked. What's the easiest way to do this? Thanks
  19. F

    Google not indexing all my forum

    Good morning ladies and gents. Just had a quick question that I was hoping to tap your creative minds. I have a forum with about 500 threads. The forum is 6 months old. Google only seems to have indexed about 120 of the 500 topics. Is there any way I can get it to index more? Many thanks for...
  20. Forbairt

    The new apple advert...

    Now this is an amazing piece of online advertising ... and possible one of the best online adverts I've seen to date. Hit your competition HARD ... make it funny... make people think Microsoft Windows Vista: Windows Vista Download, Windows Vista Upgrade and Windows Vista Review - I'd...
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