1. Cormac

    Link to my blog

    Hey guys, i posted this already - - but i suppose there is no harm in doing so here as this is where the majority of my blog traffic comes from. I'm just looking for some links to my blog in...
  2. M

    Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone

    Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone by Brett Tabke The following will build a successful site in 1 years time via Google alone. It can be done faster if you are a real go getter, or everyones favorite a self starter. A) Prep work and begin building content. Long before the...
  3. daviddoran

    ASP versus PHP

    David (Behan) do you use VBscript with ASP pages? I've been going over VBscript and I can't fathom why the language was designed as it was. Why does it have to be so verbose? "dim","sub","end if". I don't know why they had to rewrite the book on how to declare functions, and why not use...
  4. Cormac

    My blog is no longer listed by MS

    Does anyone know what's the deal with this search result > Live Search: cormac moylan Ranked #1 should of course be Untitled Document and not georgie casey's blog. I first noticed it about 4 weeks ago and I decided to wait a while to see if maybe an update had gone a bit borked but 4 weeks on...
  5. davidbehan

    What price do you charge?

    Hi, I'm just wondering what price range you charge clients for a brochure website. I'm asking this question because I came across a site ( that offer web design services for 595 euro and 795 euro for a flash version. To me, it looks like they're a template agency... in that they use...
  6. grandad

    Google analytics [part 2]?

    I set up Google Analytics on a couple of sites last month - my blog and - as a trial. They have both been working perfectly except for the blog which suddenly seems to have died the death at around 5pm last Sunday. I have made no changes to the coding on the site. If I go into...
  7. mneylon

    PR Updated? How did you do?

    It looks like Google's PR is finally updating Irish Ecommerce Directory - Online Shopping in Ireland seems to have got a PR of 3 Irish Search and Directory Ireland has risen to 5 BUT this damned site is still stuck at 0 :(
  8. topgold

    New Template on

    Before the next school term begins, I've (accidently) changed the template on and discovered that I didn't have an archive for the old one. Comments on the site invited. Tips on how to archive Wordpress PHP code for site templates appreciated. The site is buried on a Yahoo...
  9. K - an irish digg-like site

    Hi, I have just released v2.0 of The site was build with ASP.NET and is a sister site the the following two more popular sites: Any feedback is welcome. Cheers, Gavin
  10. P

    AdWords affect listing in Google

    Hi, Just a quickie. Would I correct in assuming that having an AdWords campaign running prior to getting listed in Goolge will not effect the way Google indexes your site? Just a bit worried that Google might not index my site if I am using AdWords as it would be counter-productive in a way...
  11. P

    Google SiteMaps/Analytics

    Anyone using them.. What do you think.. Have a dynamic site developed using PHP/MySQL - Anyone had any joy generating a sitemap with the dynamic URL's?
  12. mneylon

    Which is your favourite log analyser?

    I've been trying out quite a few different log analysers to see which one gives me the most useful information. Ones I've trued: Statcounter - free. Uses javascript on the pages to track visits. Webalizer - who hasn't? :) Awstats - a more powerful alternative to webalizer. The geo-ip tracking...
  13. C

    Google Analytics?

    Does anyone use this in conjunction with adwords? any pros / cons ?
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