1. S - The new way to trade on odds, Affiliates welcome!

    What is Oddsfutures allows its users to “bet on the betting” and not on the outcome of sporting events, to profit from predicting the market instead of winners. On, users profit by correctly predicting the direction of horse odds. It’s the ideal way for...
  2. N

    SEM Bid Management Solution for Advertiser/Agencies and Affiliates

    As you Search Marketers all know: SEM is all about the right bids, on the right keywords with the right targeting and at the right time. In short, it is about bidding right. We have developed Bid Right specifically for professional...
  3. J

    How can I move a suspended website to a new host without access to cpanel?

    My website was suspened yesterday with no reason given. I sent support ticket at 4.36pm Wednesday and still no reply now at 12.15pm Thursday. I tried phoning, no reply. I emailed support, no reply. So how can I move domain to a new host without access to cpanel? I've explained the problem to my...
  4. M

    All-in-One Free WordPress Installation Service Including Premium Themes & Plugins

    Get a Free Website or Blog Do you want your own blog or website but don't know how to set it up? I will set you up a WordPress website on your own domain with a variety of design options at no cost. 30-days free hosting, support and powerful business tools. Free WordPress Installation...
  5. B

    Helping a fellow marketer - and getting gifts in return

    Hi all, I operate several sites, with products such as CPA Convert ( and Blackhat Codebreaker (, and don't worry - it's not really black hat and I'm not a blackhatter myself). Before all - Do NOT buy these products - This is not what this thread is about...
  6. S


    Hi, I'm looking to set up a live support on my website. Was just wondering does anyone know of any such service that includes an option to send the request to an android app? Would preferably like one on cpanel & free if possible!
  7. S

    VPS or dedicated????

    Currently only have a VPS in Ireland for clients, which def cant hold anymore. Would I be better with a dedicated solutions for Ecommerce sites, or more VPS (1 per client - expensive)
  8. A

    MySurvey: Competitive CPA and direct relationship with your merchant

    Hi all, I wanted to communicate on our internal Irish affiliation platform, MySurvey Affiliates (property of Lightspeed Research (WPP/Kantar). In order to deliver data to our clients, we are recruiting members for our leading MySurvey panel. Affiliates, webmasters and bloggers, we welcome you...
  9. M

    Anyone tried out Leadbolt - please share your feedback

    So, I've just discovered Leadbolt a couple of weeks ago and I'm still deciding on whether to use it or not for some of my websites.. Anyone earned any good money from it?
  10. A

    Introducing new Irish affiliation platform - Competitive CPA offered!

    Dear all, We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Irish affiliate platform, MySurvey Affiliates!(property of Lightspeed Research (WPP/Kantar)). In order to deliver data to our clients, Lightspeed Research is recruiting members for our leading MySurvey panel...
  11. Byron

    GEO IP Redirect

    Hi Guys, I did this years ago and now forget how to do it again :( does anyone have any code for automatically and seemlessly redirecting visitors based on their IP. Basically what I am trying to do: If an Irish IP visitor, site goes to If a UK IP visitor, site goes to...
  12. E

    Changing my host, help please!

    Hi, I currently have two websites running off two different hosts. I was wanting to change it so they are both on the same host and I was wondering how I go about doing this? Its going from digiweb to dreamhost incase you were wondering but I am unsure how to go about it, do I need to contact...
  13. T

    3rd Party SEO Companies Touting for Business

    Have you found many of your customers are being targeted by SEO Companies (residing outside Ireland - usually UK or India)? Its become such a guaranteed scenario within about a week of a new site going live, that we have to educate all our customers to expect it. Depending on the size of your...
  14. J

    Which Host

    I need to migrate from Digiweb hosting, my sites have down down for the last 2 weekends in a row. Minor issue with the /tmp folder but as they have no support on the weekend I had to wait until Monday morning for it to be fixed. Digiweb could not have cared less! Their support gets worse by the...
  15. B

    CPA Site - First $400 Gets This Site

    Hi, I just launched a new site but I have taken a new job that will require most of my time. I have put a lot of time and money in this project and hate to let it go but I will not have time to deal with it. I have over $600 in it and I’m willing to let it go for $400 but not anything less. It...
  16. A

    No matter what I do to my budget I can't get my ad to appear why?

    I have tried ever combination in my ad setting and budget to try and get my advert to appear. I'm tearing my hair out because I just can't understand where I'm going wrong. I've used Google ad words last year to run an advert campaign and it worked perfectly for me. This is the actual text...
  17. D

    CPC Model

    Hi All, I have a travel related website that is powered by an affiliate system that rewards on CPA. I have got a decent amount of traffic coming through the site and I don't think I am earning as much from the site as I should be. I am thinking of starting to charge hotels CPC to be...
  18. F Old Host Directory Site and Domain

    Web Host Directory - Website Hosting also comes with the domain name. This is an old site, the domains were registered in 2004 and the earliest record I can find for the site in is from 2005. Domain Names: & Domain Registrar...
  19. B

    Cross AdMedia Network looking for website publishers

    Cross AdMedia is online advertising company in Hong Kong, and currently looking for the various publisher sites. We work with CPM, CPC and CPA, the sum of the performance of these three types of campaigns. If you are a publisher and looking to generate meaningful income, Cross AdMedia is able...
  20. Matt-WOWTrk

    WOW Trk - Ireland CPA Campaigns

    Hi Everyone, I am from the affiliate network, WOW Trk - which recently expanded into Ireland. We have several Irish campaigns, exclusive to our network - all CPA campaigns with very high conversions. (we also have campaigns in the UK, AU, NZ and CA). If you are interested in signing up...
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