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  1. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 Money - Affiliate Campaign Launch

    Dear Publishers, The life and times of any start up is a constant battle to ensure you succeed and I am delighted to announce that we are now another big step closer to achieving this success with the launch of another brand new client, O2 Money. We have a long working relationship with O2...
  2. mneylon

    Yahoo / Bing Launching Alternative to Adsense

    This could prove to be very interesting: An AdSense Threat from Bing-Yahoo - 'Net Features - Website Magazine
  3. M

    PayPal Here, There, Anywhere

    Is anyone planning to use PayPal Here when it's released, for their business? Also, what do you think about it? Quote : Video - "PayPal Here: How It Works" : Official site link:
  4. byronyasgur

    pci compliance and merchant accounts

    i was under the impression that pci compliance was not mandatory in ireland but was talking to someone in sage pay uk and he said it was .... can anyone say for certain .... are people building it in or not even if it isnt any pointers for the best place to get a merchant account ( im...
  5. J

    Easy Business Cart Launches (Oct 2010)

    A Cost Effective eCommerce Solution Developed in Ireland for Irish Entrepreneurs October, 2010. To: all From: Jamie Scott, Easy Business Cart Dear all, Easy Business Cart ( provides start-up and existing businesses...
  6. B

    Give away something for free..

    most probably you already read somewhere that giving away a free ebook will get you tons of visitors - I tried this myself and to be honest it wasnt such a great success -But I still like the idea to give someting away for free - a great idea would to give something away for free which is sort...

    E-commerce Site Assistance

    Hi All, Super new here and my apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but would really appreciate any advice you could offer me. Have set up e-commerce sites before but on a very small scale (ie. 1-3 paypal 'buy it now' type buttons on a site for document dowloads etc) but have now...
  8. M

    Magento resource requirements, and alternatives

    I've been looking at options for setting up an online shop, and after searching the forums it looks like the main contenders are Magento and Zen Cart. So far, I've installed Magento and had a quick look at what's involved setting up products, looks like a fairly useful interface. One thing...
  9. D

    Payment Gateway/Processor - No Merchant accout

    Need a payment gateway/processor for basic online payments that accepts laser and doesn't require a merchant account. Any suggestions?
  10. D

    Irish Payment Gateway Comparison ...

    Hi Guys, Here's a payment gateway comparison that you might be interested in ... - Web Development Blog Cheers,
  11. B

    paypal and 3v

    hi im becky cookie i got a 3v card awhile ago and opened a paypal account then on tuesday just gone i added money to my account but theirs no money in my account still after 5days,ive emailed them and got sum rubbish email back saying i have to have the account verified...
  12. P

    Accepting Credit Card Payments

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place for this... One website I have contains a directory - normally, I invoice companies and receive payment by cheque. A few companies have asked to be able to pay by credit card. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can accept Credit Card...
  13. mneylon

    Ecommerce Useful Links

    Welcome - PayPal Online Payments / Credit Card Processing Online / Accept Credit Cards Online / Ecommerce Solutions / Payment solutions: Home - you will need your own merchant account to use them WorldPay - Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card...
  14. H

    Online Merchant

    Hey guyz, A simple survey. What is the best online merchant that work perfectly in the Irish market?, Most reliable, support your choice. List as many as you can, get your engine running...
  15. G

    PayPal Ireland - What do I need?

    I have a paypal business account in the U.S. that I need to shut down, I have had it frozen way too many times because I use the paypal debit card to buy things online. Anyway, I just opened a new Irish account so do I need a credit card so I fund my account? Is there any other methods of...
  16. Cormac

    Financial Managment / PayPal

    I'm considering setting up a PayPal A/C to manage my incoming finances for a website that i'm running. The site is due to make a turnover of approx E2,000 leading to the end of this year. Is using PayPal a wise choice for managing this fund. If i was the only person involved in the site then i...
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