1. mneylon

    Domains EU Domains + Brexit

    If you're using a .eu domain name you'll need to make sure that you have an address in the EU - this will impact registrants in Northern Ireland as well More details here:
  2. mneylon

    Domains UK Domain Auctions

    A couple of places to check (beyond Sedo et al): DomainLore: .uk aftermarket and domain name auctions Acorn Domains Forum - .UK Domain Name & Online Business Forum
  3. mneylon

    IE Domain Rules Could Be Relaxed Soon

    IEDR are requesting feedback on proposals to make .ie domain registration rules a lot simpler: Registering a IE Domain Could be About to Get Much Easier Is Simplifying IE Domain Rules a Bad Thing?
  4. mneylon

    Domains dotblog podcast interview

    Interesting interview with one of the guys from the .blog domain name registry where he talks about the vision for the .blog domain as well as some of the early adopters: .BLOG is the Domain Name which Transcends Verticals [Audio]
  5. mneylon

    Domains Spotted at CES 2017 in Vegas

    Interesting to see that some companies have embraced new top level domains: Domain Spotting at CES in Las Vegas
  6. mneylon

    Domains & others going for $1 million plus Auction Group of Domains Draw $1 Million Dollar Bid At Namejet/ROTD Namescon Auction Interesting set of domains up for auction - bidding so far has gone just north of $1 million
  7. mneylon

    Domain Sales Results

    A handy list of sales maintained by Ron Jackson Short and Sweet: 12 of the Week's Top 20 Sales Were 3 Letters or Less
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