1. mneylon

    New Features?

    Are there any other features that you would like to see on here?
  2. Cormac

    20 clicks and I earn less than $3.50

    Is anybody else noticing poor returns from Google Adsense lately?
  3. A

    Valuing my Website

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice and help. I run a fairly popular website in my spare time. I have it with about 4 years. Recently I have been approached by somebody to buy it from me. I am looking for advice at how I can value my site and get the best possible deal for myself. I had...
  4. P

    HTML/CSS expert required

    Job TypeFull-time LocationDublin Description JOB SPECIFICATION Position: HTML/CSS Expert Department: Reporting to: Head of Professional Services Qualification: Web/Graphics Design or...
  5. A

    Win a FREE microsite

    I'm a stupid spammer - hear me roar
  6. Cormac

    Earn Money with Kick.ie

    Earn money with kick.ie What are the thoughts on this proposal? I have read over it three times now and I'm still not 100% sure about how it actually works... I'm guessing that it only works if you have Adsense imbeeded in your posts? But either way, what does this do?
  7. mneylon

    Monetisation Challenge!

    For some mad reason I bought The Guillotine and will be shoving it on a server at some point over the next few days It's quirky etc., The problem is monetising it Any ideas? Adsense won't really work I don't think (who bids on guillotine related keywords?)
  8. W

    Science of SEO ?

    I'm new here and would like to ask for some help with SEO. I've been methodically reading through various forums, trying out tools, re-engineering some pretty old sites that I've developed and ensuring that the basics such as sitemaps etc. are covered and I am no wiser :( . I have a practical...
  9. EdenWeb

    Buying web sites

    Just curious if anyone has any experience of buying an established site. I came across Websitebroker.com and it's interesting stuff. I'd take the Adsense earnings on some of these with a large shovel of salt and I saw some guy trying to sell a domain for about 15 million dollars last month...
  10. W

    cheapesthotelguide.com and others

    cheapesthotelguide.com burgervan.com adultfunn.com and others .... well, i thought they were good. It's funny though, the ones that sell are often the ones you least expect. theofficegroup.com went for 3 figure sum ($) last year... cost me 30$ on club drop! currently seeking good pharm...
  11. mneylon


    Has anyone come across Zanox? I saw one of their adds on Monetise It! but couldn't find much info on whether they had any Irish merchants
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