email marketing

  1. R

    SEO is Bull******** You'll have to swap in the word that normally comes after 'bull'
  2. 3

    royalty free vector map of ireland

    Hi Folks, does anyone have one of these or know where I might procure one? otherwise i guess it's illustrator time :-s
  3. gav240z

    Email Marketing - A Little Overwhelmed

    Hi Everyone, I'm an email marketing newbie but I've been doing some research on the topic and think I understand whats required. So a quick checklist - Provide a relevant straightforward subject line - Assume a width of 600px (max) for mail reader view ports - Use alt tags and minimal usage...
  4. Cormac

    eZine App

    Howdi, Has anybody hear used or heard of a decent electronic magazine application? Platform is preferably Linux but it doesn't matter too much. I'd prefer to avoid using a hacked up CMS such as Joomla or WP for this type of venture.
  5. 3

    "web design ireland"

  6. Zascar

    @ Michele - blog post...

    Michele, I remember reading a post on your blog about a new Irish company that provide a number of products and services around email marketing and surveys etc. I've searched your blog but cannot find it. Do you know the one I'm talking about? Can you remind me of the link? Thanks
  7. Cormac

    Tracking clicks

    Howdi, Is there any way to track clicks from a html newsletter using something like google analytics? Can code such as - onclick="javascript:urchinTracker('logo');" - be added to URLS within the newsletter? I know you can't directly add JS to newsletters but can a system be hacked together to...
  8. Colm

    Banner Ads

    I'm looking to do some banner advertising - do any of you know any good media companies that do this.
  9. Zascar

    Sequential Autoresponders?

    I need to set up a "Sequential Autoresponder" feature on an email account, but I have no idea how it's done... Basically I need it set up that when an email is sent to a specific email address, the sender gets a series of automatic replies at specific intervals. e.g. One immediate reply, a...
  10. G

    Whats the diferent btwn SEO and Internet Marketing?

    Hi A newbie question... Whats the diferent btwn SEO and Internet Marketing? Thanks G
  11. figment

    Review of Marketing Sherpa's Email Marketing Benchmark Guide

    Looks like it would be of interest to those serious about their email campaigns. Review of the MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007
  12. W

    Salary negotiation

    Guys, I will be attending an interview this week, it would appear to be a formality, although Im not taking anything for granted. The salary is negotiable. Ive never been in this situation before. Is it a case they will say "this is your salary" based on your experience or will I be asked "is...
  13. D

    Email Marketing Application Online (hosted)

    Hi -do you use desktop type software or an already hosted one? I 'm looking for one like eMarketer ( but larger
  14. mneylon

    How to promote an affiliate program?

    Have any of you any experience in promoting affiliate programs? ie. your own ones not those of 3rd parties
  15. mneylon

    Outsource or inhouse?

    Would you outsource your email marketing or do you prefer to keep it inhouse?
  16. F

    Does anyone do use article submission?

    I've always found writing articles and publishing them to site such as EzineArticles and Isnare is a great way to build one-way links to your site. Isnare has a good service that for about $2 an article will submit it to hundreds of other article submission sites and mailing lists. And...
  17. mneylon

    Email Marketing Software / Services

    As this comes up here and elsewhere quite a bit I think it deserves its own sticky. PhpList - Php / MySQL email list management. Read the documentation carefully, as it won't send any mail until you edit one variable DadaMail - Perl email list management software. GroupMail - Windows based...
  18. J

    Email marketing compared to direct marketing.

    Hello, first post but I expect to add more with time :) We're deciding on whether to pursue the email marketing or direct marketing method to contact possible customers for our new business. How do companies react to email marketing? I mean, when we're up and running, even though we'll be...
  19. Fintan

    Newbie to Email Marketing

    Hi all Im currently working on a project, that will involve weekly use of an email news letter to regsitered users of a website. Im looking for all the useful advice you guys can give. Im worried that going down the html route will mean people wont see / read the email. How do I ensure...
  20. P


    Hi all, Just a general question as regards how you all market your services... I know a lot of you work part-time doing odds and ends, what do you see as the best way of finding this work? Personally, I've had some success from doing up a flyer of sorts and dropping it into some local...
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