1. M

    Volunteer Jobs Available

    Hello. I am setting up a webhosting company but need some staff. I am unable to pay right now but this may change in the future. Below you will find a list of jobs available. Website Designer. As of right now we have no design for our website and i have no previous experience with HTML...
  2. Amasty

    Magento Gift Card extension by Amasty

    Magento Gift Card lets customers purchase gift cards and send them to friends via post office or email. Easily keep track of all purchased certificates and enable visitors to customize gift cards according to their needs. Create gift cards of various types Send cards via email or post...
  3. JamesA

    Help with Cloud VM

    I'm moving my site from shared hosting to a CloudVM package and I'm having a problem setting things up so that my php includes will work. I've been using the following include to call the header to my pages <?php include ("header.htm"); ?> but it wont work on the new server. Can anyone tell me...
  4. Amasty

    FREE Magento spam check tool from Amasty!

    The truth is that you don’t want any of your e-mails drop into the spam folder. It is very important that e-mails, especially transactional ones, appear in the inbox, otherwise in may lead to customer’s confusion. So today Amasty team gives you an opportunity to get a SPAM report on your...
  5. T

    JSN UNIFROM - The Joomla Form solution for your website

    JSN UniForm was exclusively crafted to be the helpful Joomla Form solution for your website. Not only creating forms but also managing them becomes the effortlessly process for any user. Easy-to-use, free from extreme technical knowledge, but still so practical and sophisticated, tons of form...
  6. F

    Cannot send mails from contact form

    My site is hosted by register365. I have a contact form on it where someone enters their name, email address and a subject and message content. It is sent by the back-end code (it is an ASP.NET site). It was working before but since register365 moved over to Windows 2012 it gives me an...
  7. ebusinessmatters

    Free Digital Marketing with WordPress Training (worth €150)

    Hi everyone, I run a Digital Marketing with WordPress training course in association with a number of business colleges around Ireland. Participants in this online course gain practical experience implementing proven digital marketing strategies on a safe, practice website. As a participant...
  8. B

    1112 dn bulk sale offers wanted

    1100 DN at 2$ each or by packaes | please read 1100 DN at 2$ price FIRST PACK: 218 DN diffrent extension - 435$ NET SECOND PACK: 248 DN diffrent extension - 495$ NET PACK 3: 415 $ NET - 139 DN SKYPE : iugaovidiupetru or email
  9. C

    Website for Sale with Auction Function & Domain

    Professionally built shoe website for sale complete with auction function for high demand products. This is an excellent custom designed website built using top of the range software. All categories, products and text can be easily changed. Name, logo and domain name also easily changed if...
  10. O

    Let's sell your products in Central Asia

    I’m Malik Osmonov, living in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Working as Commercial Director in RiaBris LTD. RiaBris is one the most popular company in Central Asia in Software Development. Also we work with international companies such Russian, Chinese, Indian and Turkish. Another field is selling...
  11. S

    By email for lists

    In its broadest sense, every mail that is sent to any potential or existing customer can be termed as email marketing. It should be kept in mind that this is a form of direct communication with the consumers, so improper use might lead to a bad impression about the company. There are many...
  12. S

    Email marketing for lists

    First on the checklist for growing your email marketing list is to consider all touch points with your prospects. At each touch point, you should be asking prospects to join your subscription list, subscribe to your service and/or register for a useful resource, like a whitepaper or webinar...
  13. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 Money - Affiliate Campaign Launch

    Dear Publishers, The life and times of any start up is a constant battle to ensure you succeed and I am delighted to announce that we are now another big step closer to achieving this success with the launch of another brand new client, O2 Money. We have a long working relationship with O2...
  14. figment

    Suggested method to rank a list of websites by size and traffic?

    This is not quite SEO but you guys are the closest match. I have a list of 3000 domains of possible sales and marketing targets. Are there any tools out there that can pull the size / popularity of each domain? I can see tools to do this for a single domain but none where you can upload a big...
  15. A

    Looking to promote local musicians, any insider tips?

    Hey all, I've done a lot of different promotions in the past, but I've never really marketed local musicians before, so I'm looking to outsource some ideas and see if anyone has any tips from experience with bands? I have a few ways I'll always promote, but marketing this type of "product"...
  16. B

    Website for sell (April 1 to 21) 17.447 unique

    Website for movie review,subtitles etc... Sell with facebook fan page 430 like's , twitter page etc.. Traffic verify please provide a email adress and ad to my Google analytics account or just push on logo T5 in footer page. Created On:16-Apr-2011 13:44:28 UTC Expiration Date:16-Apr-2015...
  17. O

    Wordpress single page theme suggestions

    Hi All Does anyone have any Wordpress single page theme suggestions - ideally free! many thanks AP
  18. S

    Simpl Performance - Free Prize Draws - New Competitions (Win a Trip to New York)

    Dear Publishers, We are happy to announce two brand new competitions from Free Prize Draws, the free competitions and cash prize website. These competitions are sure to be hugely popular with your users given the opportunity to win a trip to New York City and also the chance to win a brand...
  19. K

    “work from home / business opportunity”

    Check out the new offer topic “work from home / business opportunity” It is a pay for action offer with action expressed by users’ sign-ups confirmation (opt-in). Absolutely any traffic from practically any countries is allowed: AE AT AU BE CA CH CZ DE FR IE IT KW NO NZ QA SA SE SG UK ZA...
  20. S

    Simpl Performance - New Campaign - Mr Green

    Publishers, It is with great pleasure that I get to announce another new client, Mr Green, have just launched a brand new campaign with Simpl Performance. This is the third online gaming client to have joined Simpl and we are extremely proud as they have an extremely impressive pedigree...
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