1. mneylon

    Follow User Link?

    What's the sanest way of creating a link so that people can follow a user ie. subscribe to them on Facebook? Link to the user profile? Or something else?
  2. B

    New Site please review

    Hi Guys I would invite you to review and submit your feedback on any site aspect. www.owenchubblandscapers.com Thanks
  3. S

    Get facebook fan

    i need to increase fan in for my business.Right now i want to buy facebook fan.does it works for me?
  4. P

    Website for sale ????

    Afternoon all I launched Pedigreedogs.ie in January 2010 due to the lack of a reputable web site in Ireland where responsible breeders could advertise their litters or dogs for sale. Unfortunately the market here in Ireland is very small, and even though we had close to 130K actual visits...
  5. cmccarra

    Selling Merchandise?

    Hi, I'm looking into selling merchandise tshirts, hoodies that kind of thing through a twitter account I have (35.2K followers at present) and was wondering if anyone has past experience with this eg. where did you get them printed, how much it cost, selling, shipping. Is it better do get them...
  6. A

    sell items via a facebook page

    A friend of mine has set up a facebook page where they are advertising a calendar for charity. He asked me for advice as to how they could possible "sell" these calendars via facebook - looking for something like a buy now button on facebook and select quantity. Payment processing can be taken...
  7. E

    Moving to Ireland conundrum

    Hi all We are moving to Ireland in a few weeks, and have been living in the UK for the last 13 years. So I'm a bit out of touch with the realities of the internet/broadband in Ireland. We are moving to Oldtown, North County Dublin, which someone on another forum said is like the third world of...
  8. I

    Website Review Request

    Hello Everyone, I have a Gaeilge teaching website at Irish Education Center - Home which is geared more for the Irish-American market. I was wondering if any of you have advice on how to market it for the native Irish population? sincerely, David
  9. L

    twitter and G+ icons

    Hi BK, I saw a post looking for mySQL help but there was no link to reshare on twitter or G+ - just a facebook like. It was good food for thought. Basically, almost nobody I went to school with and definitely none of my family or friends would be of any help - but most people I know on G+ or...
  10. J

    Website Review for SoftBrowse.com

    Hello, Give us your feedback or suggestions on how to modify our website. Any tips for SEO promotion are welcomed. Web link: SoftBrowse Thank you, Julia
  11. B

    How to add hosted iFrames to Facebook Brand Page

    Hi, How to add hosted iFrames to Facebook Brand Pages? This page was created as a business account. ie: not via a profile user then create page. * I am trying to create page tabs. Usually on pages I manage it's as simple as using facebook search 'hosted iFrame' then add to the brand page but...
  12. I

    Hello Everyone

    My name is David, and I just joined the website since I own a Gaeilge teaching and translation service. I look forward to working with all of you.
  13. P

    Are we allowed to post Facebook Comps here?

    Hi Guys Are we allowed post Facebook Comps here? Many Thanks Paddy
  14. O

    Cloud hosting and support on Blacknight query

    Hi All, I have a shared server account with a couple of small sites on Blacknight and it seems fine but I am looking at moving a large number of sites to either a VPS or cloud service to get more reliable hosting, more control over the server, backups etc and more importantly a reliable 24/7...
  15. mneylon

    Good photo apps for iphone with social sharing?

    Which apps do people like on the iPhone for photos that have some element of social sharing (or that can be simply used with something that does ..) I've been playing with via.me and Instagram. I like via.me a lot more than instagram, but neither is particularly amazing, though they're both...
  16. mneylon

    Social Media etc

    I've turned the site's twitter feed back on - you can follow it at IrishWebmasterForum (iwfie) on Twitter It's also cross-posting to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/irishweb Not sure if there's any demand for a Google+ page, but if anyone thinks there is please let me know Pinterest -...
  17. mneylon

    Hootsuite Adds Google+ Support

    This makes me happy anyway :) HootSuite Extends Google+ Pages to All Users - HootSuite Social Media Management
  18. 1

    Social media

    How adsens do work
  19. V

    Facebook vs twitter

    Which one is better for advertising your business on?
  20. B

    What are your views on the new Facebook 'Promotion' Post?

    I personally have mixed views on this. On the one hand yes it's great that Facebook are giving page admin the opportunity to reach more of their fans but then on the other hand it's almost as if Facebook are pushing page admins to advertise with the promotion application. Also on that note, the...
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