1. B

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - http:///

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - New website launched for Alejandro Bel, Photographer Alejandro Bel It is about a photographer offering his services and showing some of his works and projects. A tried to create a website where it can seen the bios and...
  2. L

    New Law Site Launched

    Just this week we've launched Legal Panda - The Irish Legal Directory it's a website targeted at solicitors in Ireland - would appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks
  3. B

    International Geotargeting with a site. Can it be done?

    Hi There, Pardon my ignorance on this but truth be told I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to google webmaster tools and geo targetting. I got an online shop. Site about 3 years old and revamped to a wordpress site about 15 months ago. Doing pretty good all things considered from a
  4. M

    Dublin SEO Summit - Online Marketing Event

    Sep. 21st in the Morrison Hotel tickets are still available here: Rand Fishkin will be present, probably the most prolific Speaker in the world in relation to Online Marketing. Could be worth a look folks ! 3pm - 7pm and a few beers in the Church After It
  5. J

    Feedback for my website

    Hello members, I am Julia Schneider, this is my website: Famous Questions is a Q&A site. I would really appreciate it if you would give me a feedback and any opinion is welcome. Best Regards, Julia
  6. B

    General Question About Crazy Egg

    Hi has anyone used CrazyEgg if so what are your thoughts? I have been looking into it recently and it seems impressive in terms of the stats provided and as an onsite marketing tool to improve website conversions. It would be good to get some feedback from anyone who uses this, thanks.
  7. Z

    feedback wanted on portfolio site

    Myself and a freid have set up a new web & mobile design & development business. Looking for feedback on our portfolio site. We tried to do something a little bit different
  8. H

    International SEO

    Hey guys, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me? If I create a French sub directory of a website example "" and submit this in webmaster tools to target France will the French version of the website appear in the search results? The home page of the website will be in...
  9. W

    Email extractor

    Hi I want to build a database of email contacts to try and find a job. My ideas is to use a web email extractor , scraper to target specific industries... I have found a few free ones but they are blunt tools and dont give good filter options so it would be pointless using.. Can anybody...
  10. S

    Diploma in Digital Marketing/Online Marketing and Social Media recommendations?

    Hey Folks, I was wondering has anyone any info on or completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing at Dublin Marketing Institute(DMI) or the Diploma in Online Marketing at the Fitzwilliam Institute? I am trying to choose between the 2 and any feedback would be greatly appreciated? Also, if...
  11. G

    New Auction website!

    Hi, I would like some feedback on my new auction site please. It was set up for the Arts and Crafts community, but have decided to add extra categories. It is an Ebay style auction,but without the many fees that Ebay charge. It is free to add your auctions, the only charges are for "homepage...
  12. Darren Meehan

    Gaming site review

    Its on old site I worked on a few years ago when I was learning the art of web design. I pretty much abandoned it sadly, but it gets 200 -300 visitors a day without any work. I'm going to spend a few hours a week, as well as the odd day working on it in the hopes of building an extra income...
  13. T

    Introduction Tanks Ireland

    Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Tanks Ireland is a new business based in County Sligo, Ireland, providing specialist storage tank advice, expertise, sales and consultancy services, to consumers across the Republic of Ireland. Our expertise is...
  14. musicformedia

    Is just paypal by itself ok for a shopping cart system?

    Hi guys, I've just had my site finished and was wondering if you had any feedback on my shopping cart system: Audioforapps When I add any tracks I want, click check out now, I'm brought to a paypal page. In your opinion is this ok for a store, or should I be using something a little more...
  15. Cormac

    Feedback wanted - relaunch and rebranding of car hire site

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback on the recently relaunched and rebranded Nova Car Hire site. We have spent the last few months developing a brand new site and last Wednesday we finally put the site live! I have attached a screenshot of the previous design just to show the difference between...
  16. K

    How important is an IP address in terms of SEO / organic ranking?

    We have this open query on this moroccan website remodel. Moroccan web hosting companies are not the easiest to deal with. The service is low quality. So the client is requesting to change the hosting to another provider But if outside of Morocco we shall lose our Morocco IP address. How bad...
  17. Y

    New Festivals Website

    Hi Folks, I've recently launched a new website - - Festivals in Ireland, UK and Europe - as this is my first ever attempt at launching a site I'm keen for some independent feedback. Friends tell me "it's pretty good" but that's not exactly a rigorous analysis, so I'm hoping those...
  18. T

    websites for entrepreneurs

    Hi @ll! We recently launched a new website esp. for entrepreneurs who need a well structured & low cost website for their start up. Its all in german, but it would be nice if you can still take a look and give some feedback. Is the site loading fast enough? The Link: Webdesign fuer...
  19. DecKen is a new fundraising website in aid of the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. For just €20 you can enter a draw for flights, accomodation and match day tickets to Irelands Euro 2012 group games. Could you please take a look at the site and let me know if you have any...
  20. M

    Cash for scrap cars!

    Hi guys, this is my first post, and this website was referred to me through a friend. I hear you guys give exceptional feedback! So I have built a website for my client, MJ Recovery Ltd - Cash for Scrap Cars - Top Prices Paid, I was wondering what you guys think in terms of the layout and in...
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