1. mneylon

    iPod Socks!

    Just checking the price of iPods (I don't have one .. except for a pretty old iPod Nano that's somewhere in the house, though I've no idea where) and noticed that they're pushing this accessory: Apple iPod Socks - Apple Store (Republic of Ireland) Socks for your iPod .. I'm not sure if this is...
  2. P

    Review my open source project

    Hello, I'm Andy from Germany. I created a PHP MySQL Forum with social network functions called phpBoard: - Free PHP Forum Now I would like to know your opinion about my Design and the Script. I made also an english version of the forum and you can take a look at the Demo. I look...
  3. J

    Using Forums - Survey

    Hi all, I am currently undertaking some research on Forums (Marketing MSc at LyIT). I have a really short survey; it would be fantastic if you can contribute to it. It will take 3 minutes max and is completely confidential. Thanks in advance, Jenny
  4. mneylon

    Auto Follow Back on Twitter?

    Can anyone recommend a service or even a desktop tool (OSX compatible) that will automate following back users on a particular account?
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