1. S

    Google Adsense

    Can i get google adsense on my blogsite? My site on Food Recipes. Chinese Food Recipe Indian Food Recipe Bengali Food Recipe
  2. S

    Suggestion needed!

    Hi, I need help. Please show me what I do wrong in seo for my website I read many seo tutorials but no improvements in google rank. If I do a search in google for gotomyprice the link for the main page does not have subcategories. If I do a search in google for cell...
  3. R

    Online marketing

    What are the steps required to be followed to improve online marketing through SEO?
  4. mutantspace

    DNS Error on November 14th 2013 caused drop in web traffic

    Just wondering if anyone had the same issue. On wednesday 14th November i had a DNS error in GWT. I Rang my hosts and they said it wasnt their servers. Then I googled the problem and found many people everywhere had the same issue. Then traffic dropped and continues to drop by over 50%. Anyone...
  5. G

    Login Improvement for your Magento stores

    Social networks have a widespread meaning for each of us. The majority of people has their own account connected at least with one of the social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google (+), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and so on. How can this possessing of the social account help you in a daily...
  6. T

    Receiving Traffic from

    Here's a demo how I get number #1 results from Google for any keyword in 3 minutes. My question: Does the site really help with SEO? I'm sure this is awesome for affiliate marketing so that nobody knows where the traffic comes from or...
  7. L

    No more Google Keywords - Not Provided goes 100%

    WOW This is BIG - Google are moving ALL searches to HTTPS and so all Keywords will be (not provided) #seoNo doubt this will annoy countless webmasters and SEO's. I think any commercial site owners, especially etailers, who aren't using AdWords will now have to take it up!Goodbye, Keyword Data...
  8. P

    Bing Search page

    Hi all, first post here, does anybody know when the new Bing search design will be rolled out in Ireland?
  9. T

    Webmaster Tools - 1000s of links to one page

    I started work on adding an online store to an existing website. When the store was completed I went about trying to improve the ranking for the site. In Webmaster tools I see something I find a bit odd. There are thousands of links coming from a total of about 1100 domain to the site, but all...
  10. B

    Looking To Buy Established Drop Shipping Ecommerce Website

    Hi, We have ready cash and we are looking for a „100% Drop Shipping Ecommerce Website“, subject matter doesn't really matter. Contact us only if: - 100% Drop Shipping; - 100% Relocatable (better if homebase); - Net Revenue of at least $2,000 - $2,500 / month Thank you for the attention, you...
  11. T

    Unusual Traffic in Analytics

    For the last number of days I've been seeing a lot of traffic to my website from certain locations in US, which I thought was unusual. Further investigation reveals the traffic is from and the bounce rate is 100% for all this traffic. So it looks a bit weird and something I should...
  12. PMonaghan

    redirect one page to another page via htaccess

    Hi, I am new to this forum - and any forum. I need help learning how to do a redirect for specific pages of a website. I have the code: Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on rewritecond %{http_host} * [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301, nc] I know that I am...
  13. R

    Niche Irish Website For Sale

    Niche website for sale. 3800 genuine Facebook Likes. 1547 registered members. Google Page Rank 3. Due to work commitments, I don't have the proper time required to spend on it. Offers considered, for more info and URL just send a PM. I would say it is a site with a lot of potential in the right...
  14. spagettilegs

    How to register .ie domains for a blog network?

    Hi Guys, I've built a method of finding hundreds of expired .ie domains all of which have a PR of 5+. The problem is, when you register each one with the IEDR you need official ID which is fine, but for building a blog network, thats one obvious footprint screaming out to Google. Is there a way...
  15. S

    Website For Sale €10,000 yearly revenue (.ie)

    Hello, 3 year old website for sale. Set up by 2 students who have now graduated, and with both having new grad roles, we won't have the time for the website. The website sells a niche service to start ups and then sells additional vital services such as domains, logos, printing products...
  16. W

    Will this theme work well for adsense placement?

    Hello, I'm starting an information based website using the Gampress wordpress theme. WordPress ? GamePress « Free WordPress Themes It only has one sidebar and I'm wondering whether or not it will work well for emdedding adsense ads. I have lots of conent ready to go but...
  17. mneylon

    Free / Cheap Press Release Disributiion Services?

    Can anyone suggest / recommend any free (or cheap) press release distribution services? Press Release Services - News Release Distribution Services - PRWeb is fine, but you need a budget over a certain size to use them (we use them internally) I would have gone with Free Press Release...
  18. mneylon

    Hailo Launched in Cork

    I love this service - hopefully they'll expand to more locations worldwide Hailo Expands Coverage To Cork
  19. R

    Looking for Social media tool?

    Hi I have a query Im looking for a Social Media Engagement Comparison tool free lets say I wanted to track my engagement over all my network platforms but I also wanted to track my competitors engagements as well is there a general tool that will allow me to just enter the URL of any site and...
  20. mneylon

    Google Results Related To Clicks

    Some fascinating data from Chitika: The Value of Google Result Positioning | Chitika Online Advertising Network
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