1. Z

    Regular Expresions?

    What I'm trying to do is to validate a link input, say a link like is input I need to check and make sure www. is added or if is input I need to remove the http://. I need every link to be formatted like, any help much appreciated.
  2. U

    How does google know my .org is in ireland

    Hi everyone, first up, i am fairly new to all this so apologies if my questions seem amateur :p I recently launched a new website to promote a small business I've set up. based in Cork. My url is a .org and I'd like to know how I should SEO my code to let search engines know I'm based in Cork...
  3. D

    PHP mail() and register365

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help me out here. My site is hosted by register365. I'm trying to setup a simple mailer using the PHP mail() function. It wasn't working out for me so I contacted support. They replied to me with: " You cannot use Auth SMTP settings in the mail() function. PHP mail...
  4. C

    Foreign Language SEO

    Hi all, I have an Irish ecommerce site that is also translated into French. I'm very happy with search performance for my Irish based site. However, we launched a .fr version of the site with French as the primary langauge and kept the English translation. The problem is this. The English...
  5. G

    Mod Rewrite 301 redirect to

    Hi Lads, Just wondering if you could help me out with this one, like I said above I have a client site where the client wants me to create a 301 redirect to for a Joomla based site. I was trying the following: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}...
  6. A

    Steeling bandwidth?

    Hi all, I’ve just noticed an index.html file in my httpsdocs file! And when opened in a browser it brings me to a completely different site that’s hosted in the USA. The address in the bar is mine! But they site is theirs!! The site claims to be Irish, I’m wondering if they are using this site...
  7. M

    PHP Mailer problems

    I have set up the following form to send mail from a website I am working on. I have set it to redirect to a thank you page if it sends and also an error page (which I have designed) if it fails. However, it isn't working with the code below. If I remove the if (empty... part it will send...
  8. G

    Domain Registration

    I am in the process of setting up my first website. Nothing too fancy, just a simple flash site. I have decided to go with a .com domain. Does it matter in what country the domain is registered? Does it have an impact on the perfornamce or SEO? The website itself will be hosted in Ireland...
  9. K

    simple php login form

    where would u go for a simple login form tutorial
  10. A

    What do you see the web becoming in 10 or 20 years?

    Hi all, I’ve a few ideas where I think the web is heading in the next ten or twenty years. But am wondering what you guys are thinking on this one as am sure everyone here is wondering about the next big thing! Like everyone here I’ve been watching things as they unfold this past number of...
  11. J

    High performance web app hosting

    Hi, I currently have sites on the Namesco web cluster and they are performing well in that I have not suffered any downtime or performance issues, but to be fair they are not exactly under any significant load (according to my traffic stats monitors). Anyhoo, I am working on a web app and want...
  12. Z

    Preg_replace question

    I have the below line working fine, it only replaces the text if host is assign nothing: $content = str_replace("host = ''", "host = 'test1'", $content); I'm trying to use preg_replace to always replace the host value even if its not null with something like: $content = preg_replace...
  13. L

    New Moon ~ freaks

    hi guys am one of the twilight freaks who loves reading the books and collecting any stuff related to moon is coming and i can't wait to watch it..are you gonna watch this movie...i saw the trailer and i think everyone will enjoy.
  14. M

    Home based online shop - Data backups

    I'm wondering what people running small online business from home do about data backups. Aside from whatever backups your hosting provider might make, you're obviously going to want to have your own system in place. You don't want to store backup data on an external drive or laptop, since if...
  15. D

    CPanel Hosting in Ireland

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member of and this is my first post. So apologies if this has been asked-to-death! I am hosting 52 sites with a US-based hosting provider and I'm now ready to move everything to an Irish supplier, preferably Blacknight. The only thing stopping...
  16. S

    Link Building Methods

    Hi there anybody who can suggest the best possible way of obtaining quality backlinks for my site… I am doing the old method like directories, articles, forum postings and blog commenting… I didn’t know about RSS thing, can anybody tell me how to do it and how this thing work?
  17. byronyasgur

    dns records

    not sure if this is in the right spot i have been trying to get a better handle on dns records and am stuck on this - im sure someone would be able to explain it to me - if i have a domain with a registrar ( say go daddy for example ) and i point the nameservers to my vps host at blacknight -...
  18. M

    Rapidshare Search Website

    Hi, Can you review my Rapidshare, Megaupload... Search site.I launched site 9 days ago.Hope you will like it. Here is site: ---SNIP---
  19. S

    Website plagiarism

    This seems to be the forum closest to this thread. If not, advise me. Pages from my website have been copied word for word onto another site with that site's owner's name on it as copyright holder. I've notified the site owner and the host of the rights violation with no result. No reply from...
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