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  1. W

    Internet Marketing, SEO and Link Building tutorial

    It's no secret that getting quality of back links helps boost website traffic. Here are some techniques to help you get started with link building and SEO: - article submissions - comment on blogs - classified ads - directory listings - link exchange - forum...
  2. mneylon relaunch

    Mike Mann has relaunched | Search Engine Optimization SEO & Internet Marketing Company
  3. I

    making a living from Web Portfolio.

    Hi this is my first post so go easy. A bit about myself. i'm a totally newbie havnt done any webdesign since 98. Currently refreshing skills with a couple of courses at the moment as it looks like i'll be made redundant in 2011 some time.:D My question is. Is it possible to make a decent...
  4. brightbyte8

    New Irish blog about web design (with pics) and internet marketing

    Hi everyone, I've got a new blog which has daily posts about: Business as a web start up in Ireland Marketing in an online world Productivity and how to get more done in less time Web design advice with pics and explanations of designs we like There are 40 posts so far...
  5. A

    Marketing advice required: London Taxi Company

    HI , We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports. We have recently started our new business and we would like to expand our business. Can anyone suggest which is the best way of Marketing our business so that we can...
  6. O

    My website not listing in DMOZ

    I submitted my site Custom Software to DMOZ almost a year ago and it’s still not showing up in the directory. I’m sure I submitted it to the correct category. I did read if you re-submitted your website that it goes back to the beginning of the pile! Has anyone got any ideas…
  7. G

    Online website analysis tool

    Hi, I'm just wondering if someone knew the best online website analysis tool, something for load times, errors, SEO that kind of thing. I'm pieceing things together from a few different sites I know of but I was wondering if there was one central one, hopefully a freebie of some kind. Thanks Gary
  8. php.allstar

    Wordpress SEO

    Hi, This is for any wordpress users out there... What do you recommend as being the best SEO plugin for Wordpress 2.8.5 and why? Thanks
  9. W

    Rank Checker

    Is anyone an expert using this tool on Firefox? I used it for first half of year to see roughly where our categories come up on Going back to it now it isn't giving correct results at all. I ran the same list twice in one evening and it came back with completely different results...
  10. S

    Internet Marketing List

    Do you know some internet marketing forums? can you post here. thanks. Sam
  11. S

    What is your favorite blog that you read daily and why?

    Do you read blogs daily and if so what is it that you like about it? I personally read and and they really help me to update my knowledge and shares some great tips.
  12. A

    SEO Offers from other companies

    Hi, A client of mine was called yesterday by a SEO company from UK, and I have included thier follow up email below. By all accounts the person on the other end of the phone was very plausible, but my client decided to check with me first. As things stand, this client is already on page one for...
  13. 9

    Track Your PPC Campaigns With Affiliate Prophet

    Affiliate Prophet helps you track the most important aspects of your internet marketing campaigns, especially for those who drive traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign such as Goolge Adwords. It can help you identify the attention rate and interest level of visitors coming to your...
  14. 9

    hello, my friend

    Hello, my name is chang and I'm PHP web programmer and web designer. Recently I just join as internet marketer. You can exchange any idea regarding website or internet marketing with me.
  15. W

    Hi from Costa Rica

    I'm a Canadian who lived in London and has family in Ireland...currently living on the beach in Costa Rica. Spend my days designing custom websites (& internet marketing, consulting, etc), surfing, and chasing monkeys around... ------- Custom Website Design | New View Media ---...
  16. G

    Found free ticket!

    Hey guys, I found this free ticket to an Internet Marketing seminar next week in Dublin. Quite fancy meeting Armand Morin in person for photo opportunity to put it up on my blog.
  17. N

    Looking for feedback from a web perspective on a business idea

    I'm going to be launching a luxury online business specialising in high end cashmere. I'm wondering if any web gurus here could give me feedback from an online perspective relating to this business idea ? Obviously, I'm going to have online and offline marketing strategies. Just looking for...
  18. Alhazred De Sane

    Dodgy Link Exchanges

    I'm not sure how many of you do your own linking, hopefully plenty as paying someone to do it can lead to some bad linking experiences, especially when outsourced to companies in countries that begin with a capital I and are in Asia. I've grown weary of one particular technique, so today I...
  19. ButtermilkJack

    SEO/SEM Company Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking for any recommendations people may have for Search Engine Marketing companies, either in Ireland or UK/US wherever? A client of mine has asked me to look into it for their website (keywords, PPC ads, etc.) but it's not my area so I need to get someone onboard. :) Thanks!
  20. grandad

    Improving traffic to a blog

    I have a blog running for the last five months - The Other Fellow. I haven't really advertised the existence of the site yet, and am currently starting a wee series on blog promotion. I am going to use the usual standards like adding the URL to my signature in forums, commenting on other sites...
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