joomla template

  1. irelandwebsitedesign

    Flowers By Ray

    Online waterford flower shop running virtuemart and joomla. Joomla template from Sligo based Joomla51 template site. Looking for suggestions and ideas on how to improve the website. Thanks Nick
  2. ciarandebuitlear

    I'm new here - my business site... I.T. Pragmatix all feedback is welcome.
  3. K

    joomla menu image

    have created buttons want to use them as links on my joomla template
  4. mneylon

    Share Your Facebook Page

    Since I know quite a few people have setup Facebook pages and getting "fans" can be a pain ... Please post a link to your Facebook page below NB: This is not a thread to discuss the merits of Facebook fan pages. If you want to discuss them there's another thread going that is more suitable.
  5. R

    Joomla Template help

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me why the Joomla templates i'm trying to install never look the way they're meant to look. Does anyone have any info on how to install templates and customise them once they're up there. Many thanks..
  6. S

    joomla template pro or visually excellent web designer

    Hi folks, well I know I haven't posted here in a long time and now I come crawling back when I need something, bad form.... a friend in need.. Does anyone know any joomla specialists as in the template functionality and look and feel side of things around Dublin? Need to source a good designer...
  7. J

    Legal Question?

    I've been running a commercial joomla template site and occasionally (once) I have a client who purchases a template and then discovers the template doesn't cover fully their needs.. at this point they email me with the big sad story and I then politely refund the $14 and all is happy...
  8. C - Version 2.0

    Hey All, Its been a while since I have been on the forum, its growing nicely!!! Just launched Version 2.0 of The new site is fully Joomla Powered which is great. Recommend Joomla highly. Takes a while to customise but the CMS back end is fantastic. After a while you get...
  9. gav240z

    Outsource to India. Wordpress / Joomla Templates

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to commission some templates to be built for Open Source Software. Primarily looking at getting some Joomla templates and Wordpress templates made cheaply in India. I'm wondering what website is best to post to for this kind of request and what I should expect to pay for...
  10. simplybikes

    Adding a content management tool

    A quick is possible to add a content management fuction / capability to a html site after it has been built, in other words bolted on at a later stage. Something simple that allows type and images to be changed. Thanks.
  11. Zascar

    Joomla Templates? Any good Free ones?

    Guys I'm after a decent free joomla template. Any searching throws up mostly crap. Any ideas? Thanks
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