junior cert

  1. DanielPaul

    StudyNotes.ie - Junior & Leaving Cert. Revision website

    Hi everyone! I run this website called StudyNotes.ie which provides free revision notes, sample answers, essays, videos and other helpful resources for junior and leaving certificate students. All the content are shared by teachers and some by students. Everything is totally free to access. I...
  2. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  3. ocoileac

    As Gaeilge

    Hi people. I'm new to the whole web publishing thing, have been taking care of one site for about 6 months so far. I'm using adsense on this site, and it's fine. Low maintenance, etc. I'm currently working on a website aimed at junior cert schoolkids - so maybe 12 to 15 years old. Problem is...
  4. N

    Site Review - CBB

    Hi guys, first post :D Just want to ask all you people that know a thing or two about webdesign to review my site, give feedback, whatever. CBB (my first proper website) Basically, it's a website of a company that a few of my friends from school set up last year in TY. We have decided to...
  5. Forbairt

    Friday Pints 5th Sept - short notice I know

    Going to be heading for a pint or two around 7 in the Cobblestone if anyone is about and wants to stalk me from the distance :D Yes I know its short notice ... but I said what the hell
  6. L

    something to put a smile on your face

    Irish Leaving certs haha! | Claire's Flair
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