1. S

    Simpl Performance - New Campaign - Mr Green

    Publishers, It is with great pleasure that I get to announce another new client, Mr Green, have just launched a brand new campaign with Simpl Performance. This is the third online gaming client to have joined Simpl and we are extremely proud as they have an extremely impressive pedigree...
  2. trimxqualit

    How can I get my web site high pagerank?

    I want to my web site high pagerank level. So I want to do my web site SEO, What can I do now?
  3. M

    Question About Email Marketing

    Hello Guys, I need to know does marketing effective as all of the promotional emails will go to spam or Prmotion folders ?? I have no experience over email marking please guide..
  4. S

    Simpl Performance - New Offer- Glossy Bingo

    Dear Publishers, It is with great pleasure that get to announce that Simpl Performance has now moved into the Online Gaming industry and we are now ready to go live with our first online gaming campaign with Glossy Bingo. Glossy Bingo is the latest site from the award winning team that...
  5. S

    Simpl Performance - New Campaign - Glossy Bingo

    Dear Publishers, It is with great pleasure that get to announce that Simpl Performance has now moved into the Online Gaming industry and we are now ready to go live with our first online gaming campaign with Glossy Bingo. Glossy Bingo is the latest site from the award winning team that...
  6. J

    Senior Windows Support

    A leading and international global operator of financial markets and a provider of trading technologies is looking for a Senior Windows Support to join the company in Belfast. You will play a critical business partner role alongside different team leads.*This is a rewarding and outstanding...
  7. J

    Intern Resourcer

    The intern will gain practical experience in telephone research and resourcing of candidates Lead generation of candidates using referrals, websites and telephone research; Key candidate relationship building, maintenance and development via phone, e-mail and e-shots, Picking-up job leads. The...
  8. R

    Marketing of Social Media Marketing.

    Ok So I have a start-up Which is Social media Management Which would be the best route to market this now I know its kind of silly asking as for this is what I do but I found the best way to market is by advice I love to see how people are doing this compare and make my own strategy?
  9. S

    Site Review Wanted: cslhospitality.ie

    Site Review Wanted: I have just completed a new site and was hoping for some feedback I have two other projects in the works so hoping to avoid repeating any mistakes I may have made on this one. I know I have a bit more to do on optimising load time but hosting say they are under ddos...
  10. maz007

    Business Website

    Hi, I have made some business websites for my client, I just wanted to ask whether they are good enough for the customers and can generate positive leads? Client ask me for that orange color, although I wasn't interested in that color but company logo is orange so I didn't have any choice...
  11. Amasty

    Facebook & Twitter Promo Magento Extension by Amasty

    Attract a lot more Facebook fans, Twitter followers and increase Google+ rank. Get more social leads! Nowadays social networks play a very important role in business promotion, because social media gives opportunity to communicate your company and your products to a huge number of potential...
  12. W

    Email extractor

    Hi I want to build a database of email contacts to try and find a job. My ideas is to use a web email extractor , scraper to target specific industries... I have found a few free ones but they are blunt tools and dont give good filter options so it would be pointless using.. Can anybody...
  13. T

    Legal liability -- libel law

    Hi folks, I made an offer to buy an online forum based in ireland. I would create a holding company in the states. But we might rent webspace out from an existing website based in ireland. Can someone direct me to information regarding legal liability for an online forum hosted in Ireland...
  14. B

    Help !- Looking for a single sign on Web Portal system

    Would appreciate any leads...I am looking for an SSO Web Portal which enables the user to select his own web destinations for sso click-on. So, for example, the user logs into the system, and then records links (incl passwords) to any web destinations he's interested in; and later can click to...
  15. R

    Encourage Content Creation?

    Hi, I am currently doing a bit of work with a professional services firm who are slow to take responsibility for creating content to keep their website fresh. Anybody have any good experience or tips to help encourage staff members to create content and input to the firms website? I have...
  16. J

    [Full-time] Internal Sales Executive at Data Ireland

    Location: Dublin City South URL: http://www.dataireland.ie Description: An exciting opportunity to join Data Ireland, a subsidiary of An Post and Ireland’s data specialists. We are looking for an Internal Sales Executive to join our team based in Dublin city centre to proactively manage a...
  17. P

    Review my portfolio site!

    Hey guys, Can you review my portfolio site, Think I should get rid of the tables all together and center the content on the header and footer more! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Regards Patrick Underneath is the link to the site Website design, Graphic design, Print design -...
  18. D

    www.stapolin.ie need some feedback please

    Hi everyone, This is the first site of this size I have built and designed from scratch (normally I would use an out of the box script and design the layouts myself). I have been working it for a while now and I feel its time to start getting some feedback on design and usability from the gurus...
  19. W

    Google Adwords campaign management, what is a reasonable price?

    Hi all, I'm working in an SME and we outsource our Adwords campaign management to a digital marketing company. We would like to keep using a company rather than a single person to do this for us as we don't want to be left stranded if this person decides to switch careers or leave the...
  20. G

    SELL Mistery Shopper Reply+Spam Tools+Leads...

    SELL: Mistery Shopper Reply 2.5$/1 Spam Tools ( C99 Shell 7$/1 - PHP Mailer 10$/1 ) Leads ( USA Leads 50$/ 1 Million - Email + PASS/1000 lines, 95% approval rate - Arab Leads 60$/ 1 Million ) IP INBOX SMTP 8$/1 RDP ( 2003 Server + AMS Installed 20$/1 Fresh IP whitelisted for spamming, Special...
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