1. A

    Monetising: choose between a website or blog?

    Hi all If you had the choice, which would you do; start a website or a blog, if your goal was to make money from it? The reason is that I'm currently making money off-line (about 100 euro per month) by recommending a service to individuals (in Ireland) and I'm getting paid for referring...
  2. Zascar

    Criticism and Feedback appreciated on new Website

    A friend of mine wanted to get a new site designed. I offered to manage the project by getting someone on elance.com to do a nice site based on a CMS and up to date web standards etc. SEO was especially important as the whole point of the site is to try to generate more traffic, to attract new...
  3. B

    Google Chrome

    Just spent some time playing with Google Chrome - Download a new browser Looks neat. renders sites very well and quite fast too. Not too sure if I like the suggestions being popped up while typing an address though. Doesn't look like websites need to be coded specifically for it either as...
  4. A

    Reusing common html code on multiple pages

    Hi, I'm pretty new to HTML, so bear with me. I'm working on a standard problem - I have multiple html pages with common content (header and footer). I want to have to update this common information in one place only. My web research has lead me to SSI's and Javascript. The SSI solution...
  5. F

    Adsense Advertising

    Hi, Everybody just joined. I have lots of questions but here we go with the first one. I have used Google adsense for the past 2 years. Initially I spent €100 per month. I got a fair degree of enquiries. Then I changed a few keywords and upped the ante to €200 per month. Then i seemed to get...
  6. A

    New ways to monetize?

    Hello ! I’m looking into making some money out of the traffic of my websites Anyone out there know of a good programme? It shan’t be intrusive and earn as much as possible ;) Something new, perhaps some new technology, contextual – seems to be the new Nirvana :) I am searching, obviously...
  7. R

    Webmaster Meetup - Aug 9 2008

    Moving to a new thread so that people see this. Proposing a Q3 MeetUp details of which: Date: Saturday August 9 2008 Venue: The Harbour Master Pub, IFSC, Dublin If you have an interest in coming along, or want to make an alternative proposal, please reply to the thread. If we get...
  8. caminowebmaster

    Addicted to Adsense

    Okay, I'll admit it - I have a problem. My name is Leslie and I'm an ad-oholic! But seriously, I am thinking of putting ads on my own business website for SEO. I work on my own and only manage about one job per month and I have 30 - 50 visits to my blog each day - why not monetise it? I am...
  9. mneylon

    Enterprise Ireland Funding Template Monster Solution

    What do web designers think of Enterprise Ireland funding a template monster style solution? According to the front page of Website design for small business, starter websites, webdesign, web design, web design company, cheap web design, cheap webdesign, affordable web design, low cost web...
  10. mneylon

    Affiliate Program Hell

    Has anyone else found themselves dropped from affiliate programs with little or no explanation?
  11. G

    Is "Powered by Zen Cart" backlink worth putting on your website?

    What do you reckon, what's the backlink from the zen cart website worth, would it be better to sacrafice the link or would I be letting customer know a bit to much....this site needs serious google brownie points, what would you do? :confused: tks gb
  12. Website Virgin

    Blogging & Marketing Tips!!!

    Hi Folks, New to this whole website thing ( hence the name ) so i'm just looking for a bit if friendly advice. Can somebody please explain this blogging thing to me? For example is it just another thread or forum discussion that is posted on the web advertising your website? If so how is one...
  13. Zascar

    Need someone to help with Adwords Campaign please

    Hey Guys, A colleague of mine wants to get more traffic to his website in hope of leads / potential business. A total site redesign with good SEO is on the cards for later, but at the moment we want to use Google Adwords etc to drive some traffic. I'm looking for someone who can manage it for...
  14. S

    Ireland e-commerce market size

    Hey guys, I'm new here...I wonder if you can help me with data for a research :) Does anyone know some statistics about the Irish e-commerce market? Specifically I'd be interested in knowing the market size in € during the last year... Thanks in advance :)
  15. E

    Why SEO is BS

    Hi guys, I'm putting together my arguments for my view that SEO is BS as a follow-up post to this discussion and I want to make sure that the views of the SEOs that disagree with me are included. I've put the following questions to Dave and Richard (as I see them as representing the SEO...
  16. mneylon

    Irish Internet Association Congress

    Irish Internet Association - Events - IIA Congress When: 15th May 2008 Where: Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin 3 Is anyone planning on going?
  17. U


    Hi lads finally there's a light at the end of this tunnel... I've connected both my sites using a generic site which leads to both the residential and business side of things - just wondering what you guys think of it and or if there's a better way to join all 3 just curious about what you...
  18. P

    acceptable use of email lists

    Yesterday I received an email via an onsite contact form on one of my sites. I replied to the person and I told them I didn't have interest in their product. 6 hours later, I get an email inviting me to one of their web seminars (using my name and email address), when I complained they cited...
  19. Trojan

    PPC customer leads for competent people

    Can you recommend someone (preferably other than yourself) who might be a good fit to take on some PPC projects? Much the same as Richard posted regards SEO last year, I'm looking to pass on customer leads for PPC (mainly AdWords), and maybe some SEO ones, to competent individuals/companies...
  20. G

    Why do few SEMs use AW?

    In the "organics" I noticed of all the top ten people who feature for internet/online marketing terms only Digino uses AW. I'm familiar with the "don't get high on your own supply" thing, but didn't think it applied to SEM :-)
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