1. mneylon

    User IP In Registration Email?

    Is there any way to get the user's IP added to the registration notification email? It would make culling spammers a lot easier! It's this email: To: xxx@xxx.com Subject: [Site Name] New User Registration X-PHP-Originating-Script: 1027:class-phpmailer.php Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:36:57 +0000...
  2. B

    Social Media Sign in form for website?

    Hi I am trying to source a social media sign in form, does anyone know of any good 3rd party software for this? I am looking for something that allows facebook, twitter and other accounts for sign in to a website. Cheers,
  3. B

    I'm new, from Netsso.com, and wondering how to describe it!

    I suppose you would say we are in "beta" with Netsso.com, and ready to do marketing. Perhaps our nearest competitor would be LastPass.com: they give you a convenient means of recording/remembering login passwords and then, from a list of your recorded sites (links), you can click and they log...
  4. D

    Problems with site after moving host.

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this, if its not, I apologise, please move it to the correct section, thanks. I moved my site to a new host. Kept the domain in the old, changed the dns settings to the new host. Now when I click on the sites name, I get the following This page...
  5. luckyirish

    Banner Add in Header goes over username

    I know you gotta put your adds somewhere but over our usernames? Screen shots below.:confused: Best wishes
  6. M

    Leap card website - money well spent. Not.

    Just registered on the LEAP card website to top up a card online. It's a horrible user experience. Instead of basic terminology, such as 'Login details', they decide to call it 'Credential Information'. And then later on the same page forget that and call it 'Security Information'. They then...
  7. M

    Goodbye keyword data

    As of today, under the guise of improving privacy, Google are going to start using SSL by default for logged in Google users. Which means query details won't be passed through to the target website: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/making-search-more-secure.html Google claim that...
  8. F

    Why Webmaster Culture Is Way Wrong

    As webmasters we spend way too much time thinking and talking about the wrong things. If you've been around the webmaster world for a bit, you've seen tidal waves of webmasters on many different forums struggling to get their online enterprises up and running. These efforts are expressed in a...
  9. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  10. Clicksor_CS

    Clicksor accepts the publishers who have German and Chinese content sites

    Good news! Clicksor currently are accepting German and Chinese ad campaigns from our advertisers. This means more chances than ever to earn more money if you have any German and Chinese content sites. Take this opportunity immediately to sign up with Clicksor, and start earning right away...
  11. mutantspace

    coding problem with redirect on home page on wordpress site

    hi there. have a strange problem. Last week I moved my site from mutantspace.ie to mutantspace.com. Its a multi user wordpress site. In the process of the move (my host providers did it) files went missing/blanked/moved. Everything is nearly back to normal except for one key thing. You can...
  12. Z

    FTP Download Directories Recursively

    I have a script that will connect and download all the files in the root directory but I need to recursively download all sub-directories and their files, there could be sub-directories in sub-directories to the a maximum of 15 I'd say. I know windows native FTP command doesn't support...
  13. W

    CMS for Art Gallery Website with Ecommerce Facility

    Hi all, I'm looking to design an Art Gallery website to display artists collections with options to buy their art online. I wish to be able to allow artists login to their own account to update their pictures, while the gallery owner should be able to moderate these entries. I haven't found...
  14. L

    Techspectations - Internet Marketing for the Irish Travel and Tourism industry

    Hey Everyone, Just a quick announcement about the Internet Marketing conference, Techspectations, taking place in Dublin on Tuesday the 24th with a real and virtual presence. Speakers: Gillian Meussig (Founder, SEOmoz) John Barron (Internet Marketing Director, Gravity Free) Krishna De...
  15. B

    Newbie Website log in and upload

    hi everyone I have just discovered this website I was just wondering I have made a few website on frontpage very basic ones and now I would like to make a more professional looking one with username login and file upload is it possible to download a template and work with it or would I have to...
  16. N

    Moving Wordpress Site to Local Host

    I have a wordpress site already online. I've just downloaded xampp and want to use it to test alterations to the sites code before I put the changes online. I've downloaded all the files from the site and put them into the htdocs folder. When I managed to access the site through my localhost it...
  17. mneylon

    Site Banned By Google Adsense - Can I appeal?

    Google have blocked one of my sites from Adsense The wording is very confusing Their initial email suggested that I could rectify the situation, but now it sounds like the site is out - with no possible respite I'm confused and annoyed
  18. O

    How to authenticate from a webpage with IIS password TROXO on IIS 6

    Hello, I have a site on IIS with a password protected with IISpassword and troxo. When going to any of the documents within the folder windows request a password which is fine. I have a customer area, users login via a web page. Once logged in they should be able to view any of the documents...
  19. P

    phpBB & Jamit

    Hi All, New to here and this is my first post. I'm running a forum on my site using phppbb 3.0.8 (sql 5.0.92) using style, Subsilver2. I currently have a jobs area on it, but am looking to move over to a dedicated jobs board, as well as keeping the board running as a forum. I've had a...
  20. B


    Hi, I've recently signed up to StumbleUpon. Can someone please give me the down-low on this.... What's it about? How do I get most use from it? How will it benefit my / your web site? Also, is it similar-ish to Twitter in that you need to aquire followers / follow people & share...
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