1. L

    OAuth and/or facebook login

    What do you think of allowing users to create accounts via OAuth/Facebook? (for IWF and possibly for other forums) Digg do it quite well (I think) - you give them your e-mail address and create an account. Just asking because I think it would make it easier for people to sign up?
  2. Z

    Facebook Connect

    I've been looking at Facebook connect as a login option for a site, I've read many tutorials and checked out the Facebook wiki but I'm unable to find a simple understandable way to set it up, can anyone shed some light on what's required and how to go about it?
  3. S

    Is Register365 reseller hosting actually any good?

    Hi, Im looking into the world of reseller hosting for the first time. As Im getting more busy now as a web develpoer/designer, it is now viable for me to set up reseller hosting and make some money through that. From the research I have done, it is clear that Register365 is the cheapest for...
  4. D

    New Irish and UK Classified Ads Website

    Last friday i opened new classified ads website in Ireland. you can try to post free ad with the discount code - F2ASANTA and i will be very happy if you tell me your opinion.
  5. nearlythere

    Advice about my domain name... did I lose it? Can a registrar take over a domain name

    I hope someone can help... I have been using a domain name since 2001. OK, I don't do a heckuvalot with it, but it's my name online, etc, and I had files hosted there. I registered the domain in 2002 to last for 9 years... but now it appears I have lost the domain... nearlythere - website of...
  6. mneylon

    Which CRM?

    Which CRM are people using these days? Apart from the contact management stuff I'd need something that can generate quotes .. Just thought I'd look around, as I haven't for quite some time ..
  7. Set Square

    WordPress 3.0.1 - problem with FTP access and PHP error logging

    I have recently installed WordPress 3.0.1 to a Windows host. My site is live and I can add posts and comments etc. My main problem is that I'm not able to make any changes from the WP dashboard requiring FTP access - e.g. updating the Akismet plug-in or installing a new theme (I'm using the...
  8. hazelstutorials

    Google Adsense - Some Direction Please for a Novice!

    Hi Guys, I have searched through the fora and perhaps my keywords are too obscure but I was wondering if you could help me out as I didn't find what I was looking for :confused: I'm interested in starting up a website and want to include Google Ad-sense as part of the monetizing revenue...
  9. EggDesign

    Zen Cart moving server issues

    Hi all Im trying to move a zencart store to a new server. First time using it and its driving me nuts already. Ive copied over the database & all files and checked the config files. All urls look ok. Im getting this error though System Setup Required Please someone help.Bugger all online.
  10. T

    Please review our fashion website

    We have recently redesigned our website and started an online shop selling mens suits,shirts,ties etc at Tom Murphy's | Mens suits, suit hire, suits, wedding suits | Tom Murphy Suits & Suit Hire Cork and woul love feedback
  11. P

    Avis launches Affiliate Marketing Programme with TradeDoubler Ireland

    The TradeDoubler Ireland team are pleased to announce the latest addition to their range of affiliate clients in the form of global car hire firm, Avis. Avis are offering 7% commission on all domestic bookings and 5% commission on all outbound bookings sold. As a leading brand within the...
  12. J

    Scaling Your Apps (From Shared Hosting to the Cloud)

    Hi, I'm currently developing an app that will be used amongst friends, extended friends, etc. Now if this serves useful to more and more people then I need the server infrastructure in place to support this increase in demand. This as it stands is not a commercial app, but I believe could have...
  13. N

    Looking for feedback for a new golf portal

    Hi all New to this forum, Would love some oirish feedback to a new golf portal i've designed, I know it needs improving, so let loose. My aim is to build a place where people who like golf can get news and articles from everywhere whilst using the directory to shop or search for golf related...
  14. H

    Connecting to 2 Mysql database in the same script??

    Hi . I got ucp + sms donate system created for l2j server and i want to use it for diferent server And i dont know how to config it, how to get connect with two databases : au_server_ls and au_server_gs config.php <?php $host = 'localhost'; $user = 'root'; $pass = 'root'; $db = 'au_server_gs'...
  15. J

    Two Questions

    Hi all, I have 2 question's that I've been trying to solve for the last couple of days but with no luck. Firstly I'm building a website for a local guest house. I have most of the site completed but I have run into one problem. They want a calender on the site, show what dates are booked...
  16. mneylon

    Facebook Connect Now Live

    As part of the upgrade to vbulletin we now have Facebook connect enabled.
  17. mneylon

    vbulletin login / pass reset issues - cookie issue?

    Not sure if anyone else has run into this one, but thought I'd ask anyway .. Upgraded a Vbulletin 3 board to vbulletin 4 I can login and out without any issue, as can anyone else that had an account User reported issues earlier today and can't reset his login or gain access I've created a...
  18. T

    Turbobit.net - filehosting affiliate program support thread

    Hello dear members of the forum. I am representing a leading filehosting service Turbobit.net, which carries out its activity for over than a year. At the moment we have more than 10 000 successful partners. In this topic I would like to share with you information, which I am sure will be...
  19. J

    Receiving Credit Card Details from a web page by Fax ??

    Firstly I hope i am in the correct thread, I was wondering would this be possible, To create a submission form on a web page to gather a customers card details, and then when they press submit the information is faxed to a fax machine ? To me the information travels not by email, and is...
  20. WhitePhantom

    Google AdWords campaign not showing up in Google Analytics

    Hi, Not entirely sure if this is in the right section - hopefully it is. I've created a couple of Google AdWords, and they've driven a certain amount of traffic to my site. However that traffic is not registering in my Traffic Sources in Google Analytics - the campaign name is showing, and...
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