1. S

    Link juice issue when name of company is the anchor link

    Hi guys looking for some seo info. Working on a new site however I am unsure if the site is being penalized with google for the name "Private Jet Charter" (the name of the company) when the back links and link juice is "Private jet charter" also - any views I would love to hear from you as...
  2. A

    SEO strategy

    Link building or content marking? Interested in seeing what you guys use as your guys main strategy and what seems to work best?
  3. B

    Site idea which requires user registration and 3rd party search of user content

    Guys I'm playing about with an idea for a site. I would rather get something 'off the shelf' a opposed to custom coded but I will explore all options. Basically what the site will do is this; 1) User registers on site with details such as; * Name * eMail * Phone Number * County *...
  4. P

    Digiweb hosting issues

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting. I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere. Error:Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql1.hosting.digiweb.ie' (2) pat
  5. S

    Conflicting opinions about my website, www.whitehouse.ie

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate impartial opinions on my website: www.whitehouse.ie I know very little about computers in general so I have to depend on others to make decisions for me where my website is concerned. My site was given a makeover some months ago and I was told by the person...
  6. G

    Why is google web master tools saying I've no links to my site

    Hi all, I've just noticed that Google Web Master reports no links to my site. I've always followed the rules regarding not creating spam links in forums etc but I have entered the site on some directory sites, so granted most of the links were domain info sites. But I'm wondering has anyone...
  7. P

    Tradedoubler close Dublin office

    in the inbox today Maybe this goes to show that Ireland is indeed too small to maintain such an affiliate network ? That's a pity.
  8. P

    Mysql help

    I have a database and one of the fields that was varchar , and I changed it to bigint. The field contained five or more digits, EG 29sd102 The field is now reading only the first two digits EG 29 Is their anyway to reverse this, or is this permanent. I have change the field back to varchar...
  9. A

    Help needed with backlinks

    Hi all, I'm a total newcomer to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have my online website up and running for over a year and I now understand how important it is to have the seo's and backlinks to my site. As my budget is limited I have opted to try and take on this task myself...
  10. mneylon

    Netflix etc?

    Just curious if any of you are using Netflix and if so what for? ie. films or TV shows I've been having a lot of fun with some of the old TV shows :)
  11. K

    How important is an IP address in terms of SEO / organic ranking?

    We have this open query on this moroccan website remodel. Moroccan web hosting companies are not the easiest to deal with. The service is low quality. So the client is requesting to change the hosting to another provider But if outside of Morocco we shall lose our Morocco IP address. How bad...
  12. M

    Are there any risks of not upgrading phpMyAdmin?

    I've just looked in my cPanel for one of my servers and noticed that there's a new version of phpMyAdmin. Now, my server administrator is away and I'm not sure if there's a risk in leaving it as it currently is.. (AKA not upgrading phpMyAdmin) All that I wish to know is.. Is there a security...
  13. M

    How do you stop a client taking advantage?

    I'm working on this website for a client, it's finished as far as I'm concerned. I knew the person before this and am friends with her sons. Problem is I have already over delivered on the job, but she is still demanding more. I can't really want to ask for more money as I don't want to...
  14. D

    My client won't pay - should I get a lawyer that specializes in Internet issues?

    Hi there, my name is Martin from Germany and I did a website for a client in Ireland. I have a signed contract that outlines everything but the client (a very small family owned bed and breakfast business) did not want to pay the full amount. They abandoned me and finished the site with somebody...
  15. B

    The new facebook timeline for business FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    Official training course video from facebook. This is a must watch for anyone using facebook for business and a great source of information about the new timeline Facebook Pages
  16. O

    Hosting Company Issues.

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice. During my college days I was asked to set up a couple of websites for various people. Recently one of these people "Ted" approached me with an issue with his site. He had lost access to his domains and the associated hosting. He had entered into an...
  17. D

    www.stapolin.ie need some feedback please

    Hi everyone, This is the first site of this size I have built and designed from scratch (normally I would use an out of the box script and design the layouts myself). I have been working it for a while now and I feel its time to start getting some feedback on design and usability from the gurus...
  18. F

    Google places merging

    Hello All, I work for a company that has three branches, with three different addresses. We have 3 listings on Google Places and all was fine until two of the listings merged: displaying one address only, showing pictures for both branches, testimonials for both branches on the same page too...
  19. D

    is this possible !!!

    Hi i was comparing the different vps & dedicated hosting deals provided by Irish companies , & i was really surprised by the expensive prices , compare to what u get from european or american companies , then this "idea" enlightened my mind . ( read the following @ your own risk, i have no...
  20. F

    Are You Special?

    Being a truly special writer is a true challenge, and one we're unlikely to meet if our attention is focused elsewhere. Back in 1995 people thought I was a NASA engineer because I could upload images to a web server. I kinda thought that too. :-) Obviously things have changed a lot since then...
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