1. Y

    problem with sending email to reg365 host domains.

    Some of our clients complaint they can not receive email from one of our applications. We did a check on mail logs. We found most of them are using reg365 mail service, and issues are pointing to : mx1.reg365.net and mx2.reg365.net. follows are some of logs: Aug 7 04:04:07 mail...
  2. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  3. P

    Google Versus Yahoo

    Why o why is it ten times easier to get page 1 ranking in the likes of bing and yahoo where the same site ranking no.1 on yahoo could be on page three of google... What are the most important factors out there to help increase your ranking with google.. i have good keywords, title's meta...
  4. mutantspace

    coding problem with redirect on home page on wordpress site

    hi there. have a strange problem. Last week I moved my site from mutantspace.ie to mutantspace.com. Its a multi user wordpress site. In the process of the move (my host providers did it) files went missing/blanked/moved. Everything is nearly back to normal except for one key thing. You can...
  5. C


    Just wondering what you think of this site for the Mater Hospital in Dublin. Would like to get more department info and develop more self service functionality (online payments, online referral form etc). Any other content people would like to see from a hospital website?? Any ideas / feedback...
  6. F


    Hi All, I feel like a sadist here, inviting a good beating upon myself. Anyway after having my site Pipistrel Aircraft | Buy Pipistrel Microlights | Aircraft for Sale developed for me over 3 years ago I then proceeded to do nothing with it, thinking that was it! I started a course on digital...
  7. Nerin

    Finding blog partners

    Hello all :) I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or links for finding people to blog with. We had a few more posters on our site last year but lost them to work and college and others just stopped blogging. I've put a volunteering ad on gumtree for Irish bloggers and a few journalism...
  8. mneylon

    Do you apply for tenders?

    Just curious .. Do many of you apply for tenders?
  9. trishamays

    monitoring employees via a monitoring software

    Hello guys i would like to ask if if you know any software to monitor employees during working hours cause i feel that lots of time is wasted over unnecessary usage of the internet. Any review for a software or tool that can help me would be helpful.
  10. L

    Welcoming the Google and Blacknight Get Irish Businesses Online (GIBO) Initiative

    I think that this will be really good for the Irish economy but especially for the Irish Web Design and Development community. The aim is to get some 40% of Irish businesses (25k) online in the next 12 months with their own website, adwords, domain and hosting...(well you've read the Press...
  11. B


    Hi, I've recently signed up to StumbleUpon. Can someone please give me the down-low on this.... What's it about? How do I get most use from it? How will it benefit my / your web site? Also, is it similar-ish to Twitter in that you need to aquire followers / follow people & share...
  12. B

    SEO / Google / Myths - Title & Keyword tags

    Here's one & please correct me if im incorrect in anyway :) From my understanding a Search friendly website consists of the following Meta Data. (I know there are other factors but i just want to focus on the 2 below). 1) The Title tag > Must be unique to each page & less than 60 characters...
  13. A

    Where to go from here with SEO?

    Last summer I hired someone to do some SEO work on my website. At the time the site was designed completely in Flash. (When I built the site I didn't realize that Google didn't like Flash!) The company I hired didn't make any SEO changes to the actual site because I had done some work with...
  14. M

    Hi! Premium SMS / Platform

    Hi Everyone, I've just come by this forum on my search for information about Premium SMS. This is the thread I saw http://www.irishwebmasterforum.com/general-chat/1737-premium-sms-service-anyone-know-how-2.html . I wanted to ask if someone could offer suggestions on how to find someone to...
  15. T

    Magento Proxy error 502 problems

    Hi Guys Have Magento installed here http://www.nirvanabeautyspa.com . We use Paypal Pro to accept payments, and onestepcheckout to simplify the checkout process. The site is constantly getting proxy errors displayed on screen. 1) When we log into the admin, we are often faced with this...
  16. mneylon

    The snow

    So how is the snow treating you? The roads around Carlow are a bit of a disaster :(
  17. G

    New SEO Site

    New SEO site launched yesterday www.seonoproblem.com I would love some feedback on the site.
  18. nearlythere

    Advice about my domain name... did I lose it? Can a registrar take over a domain name

    I hope someone can help... I have been using a domain name since 2001. OK, I don't do a heckuvalot with it, but it's my name online, etc, and I had files hosted there. I registered the domain in 2002 to last for 9 years... but now it appears I have lost the domain... nearlythere - website of...
  19. A

    How much to charge for setting up a Facebook fan page?

    I have few clients who want to promote their business on Facebook, but don't know thing about it. Basically I would set up their page, create a custom image under the welcome tab, a custom image to the sidebar and would give q quick overview what they should(and when) post to their wall...
  20. A

    New Student Website

    Hi all We have recently launched this site www.studentcoupons.ie and would apreciate some honest feedback Regards
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