magento 2

  1. Danialwilson33

    Common Magento Performance Issues And Fixes

    Magento performance optimization is necessary for several reasons. According to a study, 42% of consumers abandon the site if it’s longer than 3 seconds to load. If you go anywhere above that range, it means the chances of abandonment rise by a significant percentage. Ecommerce businesses...
  2. M

    Magento 2 Perfomance Optimization - A complete guide to Optimize your Magento 2 Performance

    Hello Folks I would like to share a step by step guide to speed up your Magento 2 performance Steps to Optimize Performance Step 1: Enable Flat Categories and Products Step 2: Merge CSS and JS Files Step 3: Content Delivery Network Step 4: Caching Step 5: Image Optimization Step 6: Enable...
  3. G

    Speed Up Magento

    Hello, I thought it would do some good to share five very important things to do when you are trying to speed up the loading time of your Magento eCommerce store: Optimize TTFB For those that don't know, TTFB (Time to First Byte) measures the time that it takes for a site to show on the...
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