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  1. G

    Top 10 the Most Effective Magento Extensions

    Hi everyony, Here is perfect article with the list of the Best Extensions for Magento and their impartial assessment Hope this will be interesting for you.
  2. T

    Magento Proxy error 502 problems

    Hi Guys Have Magento installed here . We use Paypal Pro to accept payments, and onestepcheckout to simplify the checkout process. The site is constantly getting proxy errors displayed on screen. 1) When we log into the admin, we are often faced with this...
  3. M

    Magento integration with Facebook

    You may have already become a member of an open social network like facebook. You also may have owned an online store on these websites. Thus if you find any interest, try using our new product named Facebook Product Directory, which will certainly support a lot for your product advertising...
  4. StudioForty9

    Magento Extension for PayOffline

    Hi Guys, I'm still not permitted to post links on this forum yet, the link to the module is in my signature... Some of you may find this useful if you have clients in the UK - we've just released a payment integration module for PayOffline - it's open source and available at: Link is in...
  5. Forbairt

    Magento an update...

    So I've been playing with Magento ... doing some basic enough templating ... playing with its CMS and so on ... and I will still say I'm in love with it. My problem. ****** its slow :D I've no idea about a dedicated server with plenty of umpf ... but I seriously doubt it' run nicely on...
  6. nevf

    Implementing Realex Payments into Magento?

    Has anybody any experience? Is it hard? I am building up my knowledge of PHP at the moment, but my skills are quite limited in that aspect. Is it a job I need a pro for, or is it one of those jobs i can do myself. It's just that the budget that i'm working from, is extremely limited.
  7. mneylon

    Magento API

    Not sure if this is "news" or not, but someone posted about it to a mailing list I'm on :) Magento - Magento Core API - Open Source eCommerce Evolved
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