1. mneylon

    Off the Shelf Apps for Promotions etc on Facebook?

    Can anyone recommend an off the shelf solution for running promotions / competitions etc., on Facebook? I've looked at several including Interactive Promotions for Brand Marketing by Wildfire Promotion Builder | Wildfire Interactive, Inc. Powerfully Simple Facebook Applications | North Social...
  2. trickobrien

    Follow me,follow you

    The internet is like a lot of things in life-Give most people a chance to follow and they will follow-people like to follow,whats cool,whats positive,whats strong,whats convenient... -i like to follow....:adoration:
  3. S

    Google Places Rank Checker Software

    Has anyone came across a good software tool that checks a Google Place Page ranking for multiple keywords without having to manually go through the search results? I've tried a few like Local Rank Tracker but they either just don't work or the results are inaccurate. Thanks
  4. ShaneDevaneNET

    Free link checker, site analyzer and seo tool (beta) - looking for testers! please

    Hi everyone, excuse the spammy title! I've been working on a side project for the past few months, called Link-Check Link Checker | Website Spider and SEO Tool | Link-Check | ( It's a free tool that will crawl your website and convert it to a .xls excel...
  5. T

    Need Online Presence for Music Video Promotion

    Hi guys, Trousersnake here (some of you might have seen my hilarious music video :) Anyway, My very first music video has been released my very first Music Video a few weeks ago and suprisingly they are not going to show it on the republic of telly which is one of the main reasons why i'm on...
  6. B

    Helping a fellow marketer - and getting gifts in return

    Hi all, I operate several sites, with products such as CPA Convert ( and Blackhat Codebreaker (, and don't worry - it's not really black hat and I'm not a blackhatter myself). Before all - Do NOT buy these products - This is not what this thread is about...
  7. B

    Is ClickMediaMarketing a scam/fraud?

    Hi folks, I got a call today (blocked nr) from a UK male saying that every time a user enters the my chosen search term then my website would appear as the first sponsored listing but this seems too good to be true! He was quite keen to get my payment too before I got a chance to think about...
  8. B


    Interesting article seo-marketing-is-dead-is-dead-long-live-ssom although the heading is a bit OTT. I am in favour of social media inclusion with seo and it's importance for marketing / communication.
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