1. D

    Irish online business targeting the UK

    I'm currently developing an ecommerce website in Ireland but the market is too small here and want to target the UK. I'm aware of the issues regarding, having an domain and also having the server hosted in the UK but what other pointers could anyone give me to build up a business in the...
  2. A

    Greetings to all Irishwebmasterforum Members!

    I am account manager in customer service team. We notice that a few publishers have already found us through this forum so we would like to reach out to more publisher/advertisers using this forum. Our Goal in this forum: monitor and learn from members to see how we...
  3. D

    Irish PPC Recommendations

    Hi, looking for a very good, reliable PPC individual/company based in Ireland. Anyone on the forum want to put themselves forward or has anyone got recommendations?
  4. P

    Web Development Contract a going

    Hi Michele (and fellow members). I'd like to advertise a web development contract and screen for suitable developers to quote for the project. What's the best forum here or elsewhere in Ireland to post about it? Kind regards, Stuart
  5. D

    hello all, i have a question about posting about a job/position

    just registered, so not sure how strict the rules are here yet (like some other irish forums). so just in case i offend anyone, i thought i'd ask first... i want to advertise 2 positions, and want to know are there any restrictions on this, and what section i should post it in. thanks in...
  6. T

    [discussion] FOR SALE

    Bit of a high price on the site. 2k?? How many hotels are in Ballsbridge? 5/6? There's certainly no cheap ones! :) It would take a while to get your money back on that considering there's only about 140 odd searches a month for that phrase. No movement on price? Topic split from here {paul}
  7. J

    new .ie web site

    just got a new web site going 3 days ago how long does it take for it to come up on a google Search????
  8. Forbairt

    any comeback for copied meta keywords / descriptions

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if there is any comeback for copied keywords / descriptions ? Can you report it to google .. would they listen ? Its a direct copy and its annoying me at the moment so I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do about it. James
  9. jonathanthomas

    Open a Bookstore

    I run a successful Anglophile blog called Anglotopia and I'd like to open a bookstore on the site selling book related to England and Great Britain. I'd like to just use Affiliate stuff, my question is do they have a way I can have my own branded cart so that buyers don't leave my...
  10. L


    Can anyone recommend a company for designing a Logo?
  11. A

    how much?

    for how much does a website owner sell his site?
  12. M

    Tell us your story

    I saw a similar thread to this on about how entrepreneurs started up their businesses. So how did you all get started in business? How is business going for you now? Do you have any tips for new startups? I'll start with a short one. I moved back from London to Dublin 6 months ago...
  13. littleBird

    How to start a virtual conversation?

    At the beginning of this year I purchased an existing forum, specific to CSS. Narrow and geeky topic yes but so is most of the internet! My initial aim was actually to go through the process of purchasing a site from a marketplace and see what happens... Many months later and the forum still...
  14. M

    HI Guy's - anyone looking for Perm job?

    Hi Everyone First off I am a recruitment consultant. I recruit for marketing roles both off and online. Im working on a number SEO specialist roles and PPC role. Full time jobs in this climate with good packages. If you are interested give me a shout. I am happy to talk to anyone who...
  15. D

    HTML Template Design Help

    Hi Peeps, Im new to the site, so let me introduce myself to you all. 29, Dave from Sunderland, have been into website designing/hosting for 9months. Done a couple of sites for family and friends. Got a new project on the go now, so I've been looking on the t'internet for a template with an...
  16. mneylon

    Domain Marketplace Software?

    Has anyone got any sane suggestions for software to run a simple domain marketplace?
  17. musicformedia Anyone tried em?

    Anyone tried them? I'm thinking of looking into advertising and thought it might be an alternative route to google adwords Something like this for example: - Online Advertising Marketplace $100 for a 620 x 90, Bottom Center ad (380,000 estimated page impressions) on a site with...
  18. F

    News .ME Domains become the hottest new domain

    Looks like .ME could be a future hot domain??:confused: I have bought some even they do cost nearly $20:(. Any other bought some for websites or Investing? They have had world record sales in new registrations of .me domains plus just sold for over 2 $Million me domains on a auction. Apple...
  19. O

    Rumanian SEO Agency??

    I have used the multilingual search engine optimization services of for Japanese seo and for Chinese seo. Although offers services in 28 languages, they don’t offer Rumanian. Does anyone know of an agency that could help me with Rumanian seo?
  20. F

    Hi Everybody

    Just joined and am a bit stupid when it comes to forums. Is this forum a place where we can promote our business and business ideas. I don't want to be doing the wrong things. For example if I wanted to let people know of our services in a blog type disucssion is that OK.
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