1. I

    Looking to learn programming - recommendations??

    Hi all, I am looking to get some recommendations for a part-time programming course: I'm between 2 at the moment, one from NCIRL and one with IBAT. The NCIRL sounds like the more advanced of the 2 with a price tag to match. My question is: in reality, how much weight is put on a...
  2. figment

    Suggested method to rank a list of websites by size and traffic?

    This is not quite SEO but you guys are the closest match. I have a list of 3000 domains of possible sales and marketing targets. Are there any tools out there that can pull the size / popularity of each domain? I can see tools to do this for a single domain but none where you can upload a big...
  3. S

    Link juice issue when name of company is the anchor link

    Hi guys looking for some seo info. Working on a new site however I am unsure if the site is being penalized with google for the name "Private Jet Charter" (the name of the company) when the back links and link juice is "Private jet charter" also - any views I would love to hear from you as...
  4. S

    Simpl Performance - New Campaign - Mr Green

    Publishers, It is with great pleasure that I get to announce another new client, Mr Green, have just launched a brand new campaign with Simpl Performance. This is the third online gaming client to have joined Simpl and we are extremely proud as they have an extremely impressive pedigree...
  5. B

    Site idea which requires user registration and 3rd party search of user content

    Guys I'm playing about with an idea for a site. I would rather get something 'off the shelf' a opposed to custom coded but I will explore all options. Basically what the site will do is this; 1) User registers on site with details such as; * Name * eMail * Phone Number * County *...
  6. PMonaghan

    redirect one page to another page via htaccess

    Hi, I am new to this forum - and any forum. I need help learning how to do a redirect for specific pages of a website. I have the code: Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on rewritecond %{http_host} * [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301, nc] I know that I am...
  7. M

    What are your thoughts about xenForo 1.2?

    Did anyone try out xenForo 1.2 yet? It's still in beta and it's now available to download via What are your thoughts about the new features?
  8. S

    Secure ajax calls with JQuery php

    Hi guys quick question - im looking to load data from database via ajax into a page. However the page that is being loaded via ajax needs to be protected. Im currently using sessions in the admin areas however the session doesnt exist on the ajax page so that is out. I know I can pass the...
  9. L

    New Irish Online Retail Site - Love Irish Crafts

    Hi, I've just started a new business which sells Irish made gifts and crafts. All products are wholly made in Ireland from start to finish and I believe Irish craftmanship is the best in the world. My budget for website was very small so I bought an off shelf package (which by its nature is...
  10. V

    Getting affiliates to sign up

    I offer an affiliate program of 10% of all sales referred to my web hosting site based in Ireland. I am really struggling to get affiliate (and clients) to sign up that I am considering packing up shop. Whats the best way to get affiliates to sign up?
  11. C

    Wordpress theme works fine locally, breaks on live server

    Hello! I'm brand new to this forum, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section or anything like that. I have been building a wordpress theme locally (wamp) over the last few weeks and when I was satisfied with the results I uploaded it to a live blog to use there. To be clear, I was not...
  12. J - Sell or Develop?

    Picked up this domain a while ago but never got around to doing anything with it. Is it worth developing it or would it be better to sell it? It is potentially an exact match domain and given the newsworthy nature of the topic, what would the ballpark price range be? Regards...jmcc
  13. C

    Championship Playoff Final 2012

    Who do you think will win the 2012 Championship play-off final between West ham United and Blackpool? Also which betting shop is giving the best odds for the championship play-off final match?
  14. J

    I need professional help! more ways then one! Our website has taken a nailing recently from google with the new algorithm. We used to feature loads on page one for heaps of keywords, but now hardly make page 4. Is anyone interested in looking into our problem and helping restore us to former glory? Or site...
  15. T

    Increasing % Share on a campaign

    I have focused on long tail keywords using the [xyz], "xyz" & +x +y +z approach (sorry cant remember adwords terminology for this). I have twinned this with keyword bidding. My aim is to get an average position between 1.5 and 3.0 on my add. The adds themselves have text relevant to text of...
  16. DecKen is a new fundraising website in aid of the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. For just €20 you can enter a draw for flights, accomodation and match day tickets to Irelands Euro 2012 group games. Could you please take a look at the site and let me know if you have any...
  17. M

    How do you stop a client taking advantage?

    I'm working on this website for a client, it's finished as far as I'm concerned. I knew the person before this and am friends with her sons. Problem is I have already over delivered on the job, but she is still demanding more. I can't really want to ask for more money as I don't want to...
  18. R

    Website Updating Coding

    Hi Where can i get some coding for part of a website that constantly updates itself with new information as it comes in or is added that updates without the need for the viewer to refresh their screen. I suppose what i am talking about is when football match comentarys are live in your browser...
  19. J

    New domain and site or Old Site for enhanced web directory?

    I've an idea for an Irish web directory but I am not sure yet if I should use a category killer domain name for the site (does exactly what it says on the tin) or an existing site (12 years old) with web directory section. The existing site has PR but the new domain name is an exact match for...
  20. V

    Favourite wwe superstar

    Who is your favourite wwe superstar now? My favourite wwe superstars are Randy Orton John Cena Big Show Zack Ryder Cm Punk
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