1. D

    Sales On 2X Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus & DJM-2000 Nexus $2700,Numark NS7II

    -----Welcome to ElPower Shop® -------- ---- 100% Secured and Permitted Payment Method ---- FULL Warranty with setup service --------- Brand New in Box --------- ------WHY BUY FROM US?------- Online Support, Fast Shipping Guaranteed, Safety and Security Assured. No Extra Charges...
  2. D

    Buy New Pioneer DJM-900 SRT DJ Mixer .... $1560

    -----Welcome to ElPower Shop® -------- ---- 100% Secured and Permitted Payment Method ---- FULL Warranty with setup service --------- Brand New in Box --------- ------WHY BUY FROM US?------- Online Support, Fast Shipping Guaranteed, Safety and Security Assured. No Extra Charges...
  3. F

    ranking problems with new template

    Hi, We have updated our website and we are having problems on google search results. We uploaded the new site on 3rd Jan. For instance, normally we would appear on page one for search term b&b dublin, but we don't show up any longer for this term and it's the same for other...
  4. W

    Website for Cake Creator

    Hi Guys, I launched my new website last Thursday (September 12th) - Cupcakes by Ciara ? Wicklow Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Pops. Would love your feedback. Thanks in advance.
  5. SteH

    Hi, I'm looking for some feeback on our website The site is for finding, rating and reviewing bars, pubs and clubs in Ireland. We're just starting with out so features are limited for now but I'm looking for any sort of feedback. A lot of effort has been put into the backend...
  6. P

    Game Authoring Website Review

    Hi guys, I have recently taken over the management and redesign of my company website, and I'd like to get your feedback and suggestions before I plough on. Some details: The Website: Site CMS: It's a wordpress site. User Goals (next 2 - 3 months): Encouraging...
  7. E

    My Website Redesigned

    Hi, I was wondering what you guys thought of my updated portfolio? Any ideas/suggestions welcome?:) Thanks Sean
  8. C

    Wordpress theme works fine locally, breaks on live server

    Hello! I'm brand new to this forum, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section or anything like that. I have been building a wordpress theme locally (wamp) over the last few weeks and when I was satisfied with the results I uploaded it to a live blog to use there. To be clear, I was not...
  9. Z

    feedback wanted on portfolio site

    Myself and a freid have set up a new web & mobile design & development business. Looking for feedback on our portfolio site. We tried to do something a little bit different
  10. G

    New Auction website!

    Hi, I would like some feedback on my new auction site please. It was set up for the Arts and Crafts community, but have decided to add extra categories. It is an Ebay style auction,but without the many fees that Ebay charge. It is free to add your auctions, the only charges are for "homepage...
  11. G

    New Version of GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento

    NEW VERSION of GoMage Advanced Navigation has already been available! GoMage Advanced Navigation Extension for Magento With Ajax Filter Save time of your online store customers and get more sales! VERSION 3.0 FEATURES: - Supported Magento EE; - Supported Full Page Cache; -...
  12. mneylon

    Upgrade + changes

    I've upgraded to the latest version of vbulletin I'm currently trying to fix the settings so that the home page displays the forum and not the activity stream thing .. For now just click on the forum link :)
  13. Y

    New Festivals Website

    Hi Folks, I've recently launched a new website - - Festivals in Ireland, UK and Europe - as this is my first ever attempt at launching a site I'm keen for some independent feedback. Friends tell me "it's pretty good" but that's not exactly a rigorous analysis, so I'm hoping those...
  14. DecKen is a new fundraising website in aid of the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. For just €20 you can enter a draw for flights, accomodation and match day tickets to Irelands Euro 2012 group games. Could you please take a look at the site and let me know if you have any...
  15. B

    Floating nav links right in header

    Hello. I'm trying to position a couple of navigation links in the very top right hand corner of my header, but so far without success. The header is comprised of a left-hand div for the site name and a right-hand div for the site's sub-title, both floated left, and I've added a third div...
  16. B

    The new facebook timeline for business FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    Official training course video from facebook. This is a must watch for anyone using facebook for business and a great source of information about the new timeline Facebook Pages
  17. ciarandebuitlear

    I'm new here - my business site... I.T. Pragmatix all feedback is welcome.
  18. G

    Google SERPS - head scratching!

    I wonder if anyone within the forum can help me with a bit of a head scratcher which is probably quite a basic issue. My query relates to Google SERPS and how they seem to differ when using different browsers. I am carrying out some SEO work with an Irish photographer and we are targetting...
  19. N

    Website not appearing - maybe flash?

    Hi guys, I have worked some SEO on my own website but I seem to be hitting a wall. The site is Guesthouse Donegal - B&B Guesthouse Accommodation in Donegal - Restaurants Letterkenny It is about 4 months old now but even when i type some of the content into search engines, the website is...
  20. M

    Wordpress Plugin Pagination Help...

    There is pagination on a Wordpress plugin I'm using and I not getting any response from the writer. Basically I just want to find out how to display the pagination like this: < 1 2 3 4 ... 20 > It would be great if anyone could help. Thanks in advance. Here is the code: $pr =...
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