new design

  1. Forbairt

    Did I miss an announcement on the new page or am I going crazy ? Hosting365 - Home
  2. Cormac

    BBC launch new site

    BBC - Homepage I didn't expect their new design to own the homepage. I was expecting a portal myself. I can see many unhappy Beeb users kicking up a fuss about the new design.
  3. M

    Please review my website

    Hi guys, i am still new here but i have been a web designer for almost 3 years, i just made a new design for my online games website Games - Play Free Games and Free Online Games , and i'd really like to get some feedback from you guys, I'd really appreciate honest reviews! positive and negative...
  4. W

    Review link directorys new design

    Hi. Review Link directory - 160 categories, search engine, webmaster tools new design and new features. bbv news, currency converter, mp3 player, deal or no deal game, Also webmaster tools available. You can check your sites pagerank, backlinks, predicted pagerank and other. Also if you...
  5. C

    My New Site - I need some Opinions

    Hi All, Im new to this so here we go!!! Just set up a new website recently offering FREE webpages to all Irish Companies and Businesses, sole traders and individuals offering services and would like some honest feedback if anyone would be so kind! This is the second time I have changed...
  6. A

    Adulu Directory New Design - Submit your site for free.

    I am curious about some of visitor didn't submit his site from Adulu Directory. It might be my directory look likes cheap and install it only 3 minutes. therefore i would change it and i found free template for my directory which cost me over 7 hours. ok, that's seems i am stupid who need to 7...
  7. A

    Google webmaster tools update and New design

    It's slight improvement Data has been update from 1064 to 3668 1064 external link 3668 external link.
  8. T

    Skinning WordPress to match the rest of your site

    How does everyone do this normally? Hack an existing theme or create a new one?
  9. K

    New on-line store to review -

    Hi Everyone, I've just launched new online store with baby products. It's based on osCommerce. This is my first project using this e-commerce solution. Would you let me know what you think about it? ANY feedback is VERY welcome (positive or negative). Thanks lads, Kasia
  10. D

    New Design / Concept -

    Hello again, Since my last review request I've given a fair bit of an design overhaul. I would appreciate a new appraisal if you would be so kind ;) The concept has changed from a money-hungry Million Dollar Homepage spin-off (which would have only benefit me) to a...
  11. mneylon

    James Bond Shop - New Design

    James Bond 007: Books and DVDs featuring James Bond Special Agent Feedback welcome (and no I am not responsible for the beautiful design)
  12. grandad


    I run a website at the moment - Enniskerry - Gateway to the Garden of Ireland Now as you will see, it is beautifully designed, highly functional and very up to date. In other words, it's CRAP. I have been tossing around a few ideas and Grandad came up with the idea of using WordPress. I have...
  13. grandad

    Grandad's Blog

    Grandad has changed the look of his blog. He was just wondering if any of you had any ideas on the new design? Better? Worse? Indifferent? [And seeing as I'm posting, how come my "Recent Blog:" isn't working????]
  14. daviddoran

    David Doran Media .com Design

    I just put up a new design for my website with new content. For way too long I just had a holding page with a link to my blog but I want to get more of my work and photography etc. online. Anyway, take a look if you will. I mainly designed it quickly and simply to put emphasis on the...
  15. 7

    design review

    hi all, just looking for some feedback on a new design. what do people think of the color scheme in particular.... clicky
  16. C

    Will Changing Domain Name have much Impact

    Hi All, We have a corporate client who we have been looking after their website going back several years and the site has seen steady growth in their online traffic in that time. They curently have a number of domains pointing to the site, a .ie a and a few others. They have...
  17. Redfly

    Hello - New Here.

    Hi there, My name is David and I just wanted to say hello. I am the managing director (Which means a lot more a many of you know) or Redflystudios LTD. It's a web development and design company based in Dublin. (We just released our new site design) Anyway, looking forward to helping the...
  18. G

    Members Blogs

    How bout a sticky with all the members blogs? Some good information in them. We all know Michele's: Michele Neylon :: Pensieri And heres my crappy one that no-one reads: Georgie Casey Any more?
  19. mneylon

    Forum Feedback - Ideas Welcome

    I set this forum very recently, as most of you know and I would love to see it grow to become a useful and interesting community. If anybody has any feedback, thoughts, ideas, critique or whatever I would love to hear it.
  20. L

    New Jenerate Limited Website

    Hi Guys I have recently revamped our companies website, and would appreciate any comments or criticism on it, from layout and design to navigation. Anything would be great. Thanks is the website address
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